Toolbox Offerings

Typhoon HIL Control Center (THCC) comes with a wide variety of pre-built components that can be further enriched your project builds quickly through our selected toolbox package offerings.

Explore toolbox packages tailored to your needs.

Our toolbox packages range from our basic, free option to our flagship premium, paid subscription – providing features, functionalities, and modules that extend the capabilities of the core Typhoon HIL hardware and software. Not sure what package is right for you? Browse the component library explorer and contact us to request a free trial to help you decide.


Toolbox Packages
Toolboxes Basic Communication Expert Power Electronics Microgrid Premium
Basic Schematic Editor Libraries βœ“ βœ“
Virtual HIL βœ“ βœ“
Modbus Protocol βœ“ βœ“
IEC61850 Protocols βœ“ βœ“
C37.118 Protocol βœ“ βœ“
Ethernet Variable Exchange βœ“ βœ“
SFP Simulation Link βœ“ βœ“
CAN bus βœ“ βœ“
DNP3 Protocol βœ“ βœ“
EtherCAT Protocol βœ“ βœ“
PROFINET Protocol βœ“ βœ“
IEC 60870 Protocol Toolbox βœ“ βœ“
ISO 15118 Protocol βœ“
Power Loss Calculation βœ“ βœ“
Nonlinear Machines βœ“ βœ“
TyphoonTest βœ“ βœ“
Microgrid βœ“ βœ“
Power Systems βœ“ βœ“

How to use Signal Processing Toolbox

Find out how easy it is to integrate signal processing with the power stage modeling, and how quickly you can create control prototypes that run on high-fidelity, real-time HIL simulators.