Published Papers

Date Title Author Institution
Sub-harmonic oscillations attenuation in hardware-in-the-loop models using the Integration Oversampling Method
Hierarchical Control of Grid-Connected Hydrogen Electrolyzer Providing Grid Services
Research on control strategy of cascaded power electronic transformer based on capacitance minimization
Selective harmonic mitigation based two-scale frequency control of cascaded modified packed U-Cell inverters
Model predictive control of Packed U-Cell inverter for microgrid applications
Frequency spectra based approach to analytical formulation and minimization of voltage THD in staircase modulated multilevel inverters
Voltage reduction strategy for V–I droop-based stand-alone microgrid considering demand side management capability
Real-Time Implementation of qZSC for MVDC to Microgrids Link
Model predictive controlled three-level bidirectional converter with voltage balancing capability for setting up EV fast charging stations in bipolar DC microgrid
Distributed control strategy for voltage and frequency restoration and accurate reactive power-sharing for islanded microgrid
Disturbance Estimation and Compensation Based on Frequency Response in an Islanded Microgrid
Design of a Half-Bridge Current-Source Inverter Topology for Avionic Systems
Decoupled Photovoltaic Power Ramp-rate Calculation Method for Perturb and Observe Algorithms
Explicit damping specification in PI controller design for desired control performance of wind power conversion system with permanent magnet generator
Complex Sil Testing of Type-1 Controller for Sssc in Real-Time Emulators
Rapid Control Prototyping of Five-Level MMC based Induction Motor Drive with different Switching Frequencies
Power Ramp-Rate Control via power regulation for storageless grid-connected photovoltaic systems
Hardware in the loop analysis of urban utility electric vehicle powered from supercapacitors
Discrete Stochastic Control for Energy Management With Photovoltaic Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Effect of flexible power control on batteries requirement and performance in PV power system
WAMS challenges and limitations in load modeling, voltage stability improvement, and controlled island protection—A review
Cyber-Physical Testbed Co-simulation Real-Time: System Frequency Response
State of Charge-Based Power Sharing Algorithm for Hydrogen and Battery Cells Supplying Double-Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Sampled Values ROCOF performance methodology breakdown
Comparison Between Discretization Techniques on HIL Fractional-Order Controllers
Analysis and Modeling of a Liquid Cooled Heat Sink for EV Traction Inverter Systems
Controller Hardware-in-the-loop (C-HIL) Testing of Decentralized EV-Grid Integration
A fast finite sample count symmetric component extraction method for use in grid side converters
Parameter Estimation for Sensorless Position Control of PMSM Drives with Long Cable in Subsea Applications
A Reconfigurable Synchrophasor Synchronization Gateway & Controller Architecture for DERs
Implementation of FOC algorithm using FPGA for GaN-based three phase induction motor drive
An Enhanced Differential Protection Scheme for LVDC Microgrid
Transient Analysis of Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Grid Connected Mode
Security Enhancements for Distributed Energy Resource Systems Interconnected with Distribution Networks: Final Technical Report
Advances and Prospects in Distributed Generation Sources Digital Twins Design
Medium Frequency SST Based Multiport Energy Routers for Subsea – Renewable Interconnection
Switching Frequency Formulation for Predictive Current Control in Grid-Connected VSI
Study and comparative analysis of losses in semiconductor switches in driving electric motors
Model predictive controlled three-level bidirectional converter with voltage balancing capability for setting up EV fast charging stations in bipolar DC microgrid
Hardware In The Loop Implementation and Simulations of a Wave Energy Converter using Typhoon HIL and Speedgoat
Developing Microservice-Based Applications Using the Silvera Domain-Specific Language
Analysis and Synthesis of Architectures for Automotive Battery Management Systems
Contributions to Power Management in AC Microgrids Based on Concepts of Microeconomics Theory
Evaluation of the Communication Delay in a Hybrid Real-Time Simulator for Weak Grids
Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Model to Assess Lithium-Ion Battery Degradation Cost
Adaptive Model Predictive Control for DAB Converter Switching Losses Reduction
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations: A Historical Overview of Engineering Challenges
A Fast Power Calculation Algorithm for Three-Phase Droop-Controlled-Inverters Using Combined SOGI Filters and Considering Nonlinear Loads
The Architecture Optimization and Energy Management Technology of Aircraft Power Systems: A Review and Future Trends
Cost and Cybersecurity Challenges in the Commissioning of Microgrids in Critical Infrastructure: COGE Case Study
Real-Time FPGA/CPU-Based Simulation of a Full-Electric Vehicle Integrated with a High-Fidelity Electric Drive Model
Overall Efficiency Improvement of a Dual Active Bridge Converter Based on Triple Phase-Shift Control
DC-Link Voltage Stability Analysis of Grid-Tied Converters Using DC Impedance Models
Model-Based Predictive Control with Graph Theory Approach Applied to Multilevel Back-to-Back Cascaded H-Bridge Converters
Integration of Grid System with Single Stage PV Inverter using Hardware in the loop Simulation
Nonlinear Self-Synchronizing Current Control for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverters
Using a Bivariate Polynomial in an EKF for State and Inductance Estimations in the Presence of Saturation Effects to Adaptively Control a PMSM
Frequency spectra based approach to analytical formulation and minimization of voltage THD in staircase modulated multilevel inverters
Analytical Expression for Line Voltage THD of Three-Phase Staircase Modulated Multilevel Inverters
Current-THD minimization in multilevel inverters with variable DC ratios utilizing a generic closed-form analytic formulation of line-voltage WTHD
Analytical Approach to THD Formulation and Optimization in Sine-PWM-based Single-Phase Multilevel Inverters with Variable DC Ratios
Coordinated Power Control for Flexible and Sustainable Operation of DC microgrids in Yacht Marinas
A Template Model to Assess the DC Stability of Green Charging Microgrids
System Stability and Short Circuit Contribution as Discordant Targets in Cascade Connected DC Microgrids: a Design Procedure
The WBM Reconfiguration to Prevent the Instability on DC Shipboard Microgrids
Analysis of Transient Overvoltages and Self protection Overvoltage of PV Inverters through RT-CHIL
A Method for Real-Time Prediction of the Probability of Voltage Sag Duration Based on Harmonic Footprint
Simulação de elementos da eletrônica de potência usando Hardware-in-the-Loop
Fault-Tolerant Architectures with Enhanced Bus Protection for Electric/Hybrid Aircraft Systems
An Enhanced Differential Protection Scheme for LVDC Microgrid
Operational hosting capacity-based sustainable energy management and enhancement
Decoupled Photovoltaic Power Ramp-rate Calculation Method for Perturb and Observe Algorithms
Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Electric Ship by Real-Time Verification
Battery Storage-Based Novel Hybrid Islanding Detection Technique Using Lissajous Pattern Estimation
An Investigation into the Applications of Real-Time Simulator in Experimental Validation of PMSM-Based Electric Drive System
Virtual Conductance Based Cascade Voltage Controller for VSCs in Islanded Operation Mode
Improvement of voltage adaptability for decentralised doubly-fed induction generator wind power system based on nine-switch converter
Reduced Capacitor Energy Requirements in Battery Energy Storage Systems Based on Modular Multilevel Converters
Sizing Procedure of Reactive Electric Spring
Initial Propulsion System Study for the Futuristic Hyperloop Transportation System: Design, Modeling, and Hardware in the Loop Verification
A High Accuracy Control of Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter Using PSO Online Direct Tuning
Comparative Analysis of Volt-Var Control Parameter Settings of Smart PV Inverters: A Case Study
IEC-61850 Performance Evaluation in a 5G Cellular Network: UDP and TCP Analysis
The WBM Reconfiguration to Prevent the Instability on DC Shipboard Microgrids
Controller Hardware-in-the-loop (C-HIL) Testing of Decentralized EV-Grid Integration
Comparison Between Discretization Techniques on HIL Fractional-Order Controllers
Control Strategy based on Frequency Response for a Single-Phase Full- Bridge Series Active Filter
Agent based online learning approach for power flow control of electric vehicle fast charging station integrated with smart microgrid
Sizing Procedure of Reactive Electric Spring
Open Source Hardware in the Loop Real-time Simulation of Zonal DC systems
Active and reactive power control of grid-connected single-phase asymmetrical eleven-level inverter
Improvement of voltage adaptability for decentralised doubly-fed induction generator wind power system based on nine-switch converter
Efficiency Focused Energy Management Strategy Based on Optimal Droop Gain Design for More Electric Aircraft
Impedance-Based Stability Analysis for a Dead – Beat-Controlled Grid-Forming Inverter Using Cross-Correlation Methods
Encoderless Control of PMa-SynRG Based-Stator Current Vector for Renewable Energy Systems
Minimization of DC-link Capacitance for a DC-link Based Variable Speed Constant Frequency Aircraft Power System
Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Electric Ship by Real-Time Verification
Cost and Cybersecurity Challenges in the Commissioning of Microgrids in Critical Infrastructure: COGE Case Study
Evaluation of the Communication Delay in a Hybrid Real-Time Simulator for Weak Grids
Implementation of FOC algorithm using FPGA for GaN-based three phase induction motor drive
Battery Storage Based Novel Hybrid Islanding Detection Technique Using Lissajous Pattern Estimation
A High Accuracy Control of Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter Using PSO
Spectral Kurtosis-Based Fault Detection for a Highly Penetrated Distributed Generation: A Real-Time Analysis
Price-Based DC Bus Signaling for Nanogrids Power Management
Full Power Constraints HiL Setup for Battery Module Testing in Electric Vehicles
Validation of EMR simulation platform of a permanent magnet synchronous machine used for electric propulsion
Integration of Grid System with Single Stage PV Inverter using Hardware in the loop Simulation
Controller Hardware in Loop Simulation (C-HIL) for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System
Flexible HIL Interface Implementation for Automotive XiL Testing
Virtual Learning Process in the degree of renewable energies at University of Chubut with Typhoon HIL Control Center
Conditioning of Fuel Cell under Dynamic Switching of Load using Typhoon HIL Software
Switching Frequency Formulation for Predictive Current Control in Grid-Connected VSI
Correlative Analysis of Dynamic Behaviour of Lithium-Ion Cell using MATLAB and Typhoon HIL
Overview on Digital Twin for Autonomous Electrical Vehicles Propulsion Drive System
Robust Control of GTIs under wide grid impedance ranges: An approach combining metaheuristics and LMIs
Influence of system delay on current controller stability and performance at grid-side inverter with LCL filter
Weighted Bandwidth Method for Stability Assessment of Complex DC Power Systems on Ships
Real-time Measurement Method of Grid Impedance with Resonant Characteristics for Control of Distributed Power Generation Systems
Modelling of three-phase interleaved DC-DC converter for hybrid energy storage application in electric vehicles
Blockchain Checksum for Establishing Secure Communications for Digital Twin Technology
Analysis and DSP Implementation of Multi-sampled Three-Phase Current Controllers
HIL-based certification for converter controllers: Advantages, challenges and outlooks (Invited Paper)
Advancements on Real-Time Simulation for High Switching Frequency Power Electronics Applications
Half-Bridge Voltage Source Inverter Control Development Using HIL System
Real-Time Validation of V-I Droop Enabled Stand-Alone Microgrid Characterizing Power Saving Capability
Simulation of the Grid Connected Battery Storage with Ability of Active and Reactive Power Control
Interoperability analysis of IEC61850 protocol using an emulated IED in a HIL microgrid testbed
Multi-Sampled Grid-Connected VSCs: A Path Towards Inherent Admittance Passivity
Frequency spectra based approach to analytical formulation and minimization of voltage THD in staircase modulated multilevel inverters
Analytical Expression for Line Voltage THD of Three-Phase Staircase Modulated Multilevel Inverters
Hardware-in-the-Loop Experimental Setup of a LCL-Filtered Grid-Connected Inverter with Digital Proportional-Resonant Current Controller
Weighted Bandwidth Method for Stability Assessment of Complex DC Power Systems on Ships
Fault Current Limiting Implementation in a Series Power Electronic Converter
Supervisory Layer for Improved Interactivity of Distributed Generation Inverters with Smart Grids
Genetic Algorithm Based PI Control with 12-Band Hysteresis Current Control of an Asymmetrical 13-Level Inverter
Evaluation of Interoperability Functions via Modbus-TCP for Photovoltaic Inverters
Hybrid Smart Transformer for Enhanced Power System Protection Against DC with Advanced Grid Support
Active transformer functionalities including an energy storage system
Power Converter Topologies for Electrolyzer Applications to Enable Electric Grid Services
Islanding Classification with Optimized k-Nearest Neighbors for Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System
Analysis of the aliasing effect caused in hardware-in-the-loop when reading PWM inputs of power converters
Constant-Parameter Discretized State-Space Model of Saturable Induction Machines for Fixed Time-step Simulations
A Remote Development Process and Platform for Power Electronic Systems
Resynchronization Strategy for a 200kVA Grid-Forming Power Converter
Cyber-Resilient Sliding Mode Consensus Secondary Control Scheme for Islanded AC Microgrids
Adaptive-Observer-Based Sensor Fault Resilient Control for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converters in High-Speed Railway Traction Systems
HIL Virtual Prototyping of a DC Shipboard Microgrid
Performance assessment of hybrid active filtering technique to enhance the hosting capacity of distorted grids for renewable energy systems
Optimal Power Coordinated Control Strategy for DFIG-Based Wind Farm to Increase Transmission Capacity of the LCC-HVDC System Considering Commutation Failure
Hardware In The Loop Simulation of the Smart Grid with the inclusion of IEC61850 Communication Protocol
Design of a High Torque Density Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with improved Efficiency using Amorphous Magnetic Material
Design of a Novel Synchronized Transition Control and Processor in the Loop Validation with TI C2000 DSP TMS320F28335 for Microgrid Operations
Maximum power point tracking in a solar PV system: Current trends towards nature-inspired optimization techniques
Simplified model of battery energy-stored quasi-Z-source inverter-based photovoltaic power plant with Twofold energy management system
Solar PV fed Two-Stage DC/DC Converter for Low-Voltage DC-Microgrid
Supervised imitation learning of FS-MPC algorithm for multilevel converters
Demonstration der intelligenten, sicheren Steuerung von PV-Systemen über iMsys und CLS-Infrastruktur
PLL Synchronization Stability of Grid-Connected Multi-Converter Systems
Preliminary Testing and Implementation of a Peak Current Mode Control Scheme for a Two Phase, Dual Interleaved Buck-Boost Converter
PowerLab: a flexible experimental architecture for smart microgrid testing
Development of Inverter Duty Motor Bearings for Si and SiC-Based Variable Frequency Drive Applications Including Advanced 4D Finite Element Modeling
Dynamic Harmonic Domain Modeling and Stability Augmented Design of Inverter Interface to Weak and Unbalanced Grid
Parallel Real-time Simulation on Commodity Hardware with Reusable Power System Models
Smart Hybrid Inverter: A Practical Guide
Mitigating Electric Vehicles Recharge Demand Impacts on the Electric Grid: e-Park Case Study
Control Algorithm Extension for Series Power Electronic Converter
IoT-Based Smart Electrification System
Modeling and Real-Time Simulation of Photovoltaic Plant Using Typhoon HIL
Evaluation of Interoperability Functions via Modbus-TCP for Photovoltaic Inverters
Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of Different Power Train Topologies’ Models in Electric Vehicles: A Plug-and-Play Capability
Real Time Simulation of 3-φ Grid-Connected Converter with Real and Reactive Power Control Under Different Grid Fault Conditions
Operational hosting capacity-based sustainable energy management and enhancement
Agent-Based Distributed Energy Resources for Supporting Intelligence at the Grid Edge
A Framework for Considering Capital Cost Limit in Sizing Microgrid Distributed Energy Resources Application to Industrial Microgrids
Short-Circuit Analysis of DER-Based Microgrids in Connected and Islanded Modes of Operation
A Nonlinear Adaptive Stabilizing Control Strategy to Enhance Dynamic Stability of Weak Grid-Tied VSC System
Particle swarm optimization based sliding mode controllers for electric vehicle onboard charger
Influence of Continuous Provision of Synthetic Inertia on the Mechanical Loads of a Wind Turbine
External Inertia Emulation Controller for Grid-following Power Converter
Hardware-in-Loop-Based Reliability Improvement of Power Converter for Critical Electrical Drive Applications
Modeling and hardware-in-the-loop system realization of electric machine drives—A review
Hardware-in-the-loop experimental validation for a lab-scale microgrid targeted by cyberattacks
Self-adaptive control for grid-forming converter with smooth transition between microgrid operating modes
Real-Time Power Electronics Laboratory to Strengthen Distance Learning Engineering Education on Smart Grids and Microgrids
Robust Optimal Control Design Procedure Based on Metaheuristics for Small Satellite Energy Subsystem
Precision timing and communication networking experiments in a real-time power grid hardware-in-the-loop laboratory
Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Seamless Interactions of Multi-Purpose Grid-Tied PV Inverter Based on SFT-PLL Control Strategy
Control Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation on Fast Frequency Response of Battery Energy Storage System Equipped with Advanced Frequency Detection Algorithm
Implementation of Stationary and Synchronous Frame Current Regulators for Grid Tied Inverter using Typhoon Hardware in Loop System
Impact Analysis of Single Line to Ground Fault on Industrial Loads Using Typhoon HIL
A Multi HIL-Based Approach for Real-Time Phasor Data Monitoring Using Phasor Measurement Unit
Demo Abstract: A HIL Emulator-Based Cyber Security Testbed for DC Microgrids
Typhoon HIL Real-Time Validation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor’s Control
Effect Of Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Generation On Negative Sequence Directional Element Using Typhoon Real-Time Hardware In The Loop (HIL)
Implementaçao de Modelo de Falta de Alta Impedância para Aplicaçao em Simulaçoes Digitais em Tempo Real
Hybrid Bypass Protection of Hybrid Smart Transformers for Advanced Grid Support
Quadcopter modeling and control using Controller Hardware-In-the-Loop
Current-limiting Virtual Synchronous Control and Stability Analysis Considering DC-link Dynamics Under Normal and Faulty Grid Conditions
ANN deployed DTC for Enhanced Torque Performance on IM based EV Drive
Spectral Kurtosis-Based Fault Detection for a Highly Penetrated Distributed Generation: A Real-Time Analysis
Strategies for choosing an appropriate numerical method for FPGA-based HIL
Sliding Mode Control Enabled Hybrid Energy Storage System for Islanded DC Microgrids with Pulsing Loads
Development of a Data Analytics Platform for an Electrical/Water Microgrid
Comparative Study of Classical and MPC Control for Single-Phase MMC Based on V-HIL Simulations
Control and Management of Multiple Converters in a Residential Smart Grid
Real-time hardware emulation of wind turbine model with asynchronous generator under hardware-in-the-loop platform
Six-phase Three-level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter for Capacitor Voltage Balancing and Common-Mode Voltage Cancellation
Preventing Voltage Divergence in Series-Stacked Bidirectional Battery Energy Storage DC-DC Converter under Asymmetrical Operating Conditions
An Enhanced Controller for Four Leg Inverter-fed Loads in an Aircraft Power System
An Improved Feedforward Controller for Minimizing the DC-link Capacitance in a Brushless Synchronous Generator based Aircraft DC Power System
SOGI-FLL Grid Frequency Monitoring with an Error-Based Algorithm for a Better Response in Face of Voltage Sag and Swell Faults
Real-time Smart Microgrid Simulation: The integration of communication layer in electrical simulation
A novel adaptive virtual inertia control strategy under varying irradiance and temperature in grid-connected solar power system
Induction Machine Modeling Considering Magnetizing Flux Saturation with Air-Gap Harmonics
Comparison of inverter controllers with synthetic inertia and harmonic compensation features
Average-Value Modeling of Line-Commutated ACDC Converters with Unbalanced AC Network
A Discrete Small-Step Synthesis Real-Time Simulation Method for Power Converters
Enabling Resilient Community Microgrids with Multiple Points of Common Coupling via a Rank-Based Model Predictive Control Framework
Testing Automated Operation and Control Algorithms for Distribution Grids Using a Co-simulation Environment
Maximum Torque Per Ampere Control Incorporating Specified Damping in Speed PI Controller Design for High Performance PMa-SynRM Drive: A Real-time Evaluation for Dynamic Performance Studies
Disturbance Rejection Analysis of a Droop-Controlled DC Microgrid Through a Novel Mathematical Modeling
Artificial Neural Network based Solar Energy Integrated Unified Power Quality Conditioner
Dual-Mode Operation of PV Power Converters for Flexible Power Tracking
Test-Driven Design of Modulation Approaches for Grid-Tied Inverters
Integrated On-line EIS Measurement Scheme Utilizing Flying Capacitor Equalizer for Series Battery String
Small Signal Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow for Inverter Dominant Autonomous Microgrids
A Low Voltage DC Power Electronic Hub to Support Buildings
A Discrete RMRAC-STSM Controller for Current Regulation of Three-Phase Grid-Tied Converters with LCL filter
The True Unity Power Factor Converter for Basic Oxygen Furnace Charging Cranes
Subsynchronous Impedance Measurement of a Megawatt-Level Grid-Tied Inverter Using Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop
Symmetric and Asymmetric Configuration of Parallel-Switched d-type Multilevel Inverter
Robust ANN-Based Control of Modified PUC-5 Inverter for Solar PV Applications
A Study for Mutual Interference of LCL Filter Under Parallel Operation of Grid-Connected Inverters
Operation of a UXE-Type 11-Level Inverter with Voltage-Balance Modulation Using NLC and ACO-Based SHE
Real-Time Implementation of Robust Loop-Shaping Controller for a VSC HVDC System
On the implementation of a FRT strategy for grid-forming (GFM) converters under symmetrical and asymmetrical grid faults
An Improved Frequency Support Algorithm for MT-HVDC Systems
DER Anti-Islanding Protection Advancements for Utility Engineers
MPPT-based on Bat algorithm for photovoltaic systems working under partial shading conditions
Small Signal Stability Analysis Oriented Design of Hybrid Anti-Islanding Protection Technique Based on Active Disturbance Injection
Power quality enhancement of a hybrid energy source powered packed e-cell inverter using an intelligent optimization technique
A Robust Controller for Battery Energy Storage System of an Islanded AC Microgrid
An Adaptive Synchronverter for Ensuring Fault Ride Through Capability of Grid-Connected Solar Power System
Hardware in Loop (THIL 402) Validated Type-I Fuzzy Logic Control of Type-III Wind Turbine System under Transients
An intelligent BWO algorithm-based maximum power extraction from solar-PV-powered BLDC motor-driven light electric vehicles
Reactive power compensation for grid by Packed-U-Cell inverter using model predictive control strategy with intelligent multi-objective scheme
A novel model predictive control with an integrated SOC and floating DC-link voltage balancing for 3-phase 7-level PUC converter-based MV BESS
A Novel Control Strategy for the Frequency and Voltage Regulation of Distribution Grids Using Electric Vehicle Batteries
An MPPT method using hybrid radial movement optimization with teaching-learning based optimization under fluctuating atmospheric conditions
Impedance Modeling and Stability Analysis of VSG Controlled Type-IV Wind Turbine System
Optimal power management strategy of regenerative braking using fuzzy logic controller for BLDC Motor-Driven E-Rickshaw
Flatness-Based Discrete-Time Control of a Battery Emulator Driving a Constant Power Load
A system level approach to estimate maximum load steps that can be applied on a fuel cell powered marine DC system
Photovoltaic Hosting Capacity Increment in an Unbalanced Active Distribution Network
Development of Controller HIL Test-bed for Solar-battery integration
Hardware in the loop Framework for analysis of Impact of Electrical Vehicle Charging Devices on Distribution network
Positive–Negative Sequence Synchronverter for Unbalanced Voltage in AC Grids
Back-EMF estimation based sensorless control of Brushless DC motor
Cyber-physical energy systems security: Threat modeling, risk assessment, resources, metrics, and case studies
Distributed Secondary Frequency Control in AC Microgrids with Lossy Electrical Networks
Application of Sliding Mode Control to Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Islanded DC Microgrids
Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation of Smart Hybrid Inverter: A comparison of online simulation and practical results
Real Time Analysis of a Multi-Agent Based Distributed Control Strategy for Islanded AC Microgrids
Suppressing Circulating Currents of Battery Management Systems in Droop based Microgrids
Implementation of a Remote Control and Monitoring Network for a DC Microgrid
Automatic Design of Robust Controllers for Grid-Tied Inverters based on PSO and Kharitonov’s Theorem
Transient Damping Method for Improving the Synchronization Stability of Virtual Synchronous Generators
Software-in-the-Loop Testing of SSSC with Type-1 Controller Connected to SMIB
Hybrid Microgrid: Energy Management under Different Loading Condition using Typhoon HIL’s Real-time Digital Simulator
Controller hardware in the loop testing of microgrid secondary frequency control schemes
Current-source 1-Ph inverter design for aircraft applications
Design of a 1.2 kW Interleaved Synchronous Buck Converter for Retrofit Applications in Aviation Systems
Application of Sliding Mode Control to Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Islanded DC Microgrids
Event analysis and real-time validation of doubly fed induction generator-based wind energy system with grid reactive power exchange under sub-synchronous and super-synchronous modes
Effect of Harmonics due to Distributed Energy Resources on Hosting Capacity of Microgrid: A Hardware in Loop-Based Assessment
Design of an Enhanced FLC-Based Controller for Selective Harmonic Compensation in Active Power Filters
Modified Variable DC Approach Applicable to Fuel Cells and DOL Batteries in Shipboard Power Systems
MRAS-Based Speed and Parameter Estimation for a Vector-Controlled PMSM Drive
Dual-layer power scheduling strategy for EV-ESS-controllable load in bi-directional dynamic markets for low-cost implementation
Optimal Reconfiguration of DC Networks
A Systematic Approach for the Design of the Digital Low-Pass Filters for Energy Storage Systems in EV Applications
Advanced laboratory testing methods using real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop techniques: a survey of smart grid international research facility network activities
Hosting Capacity for Smart Power Grids
Analysis of RCD snubber based non-ideal Z-source inverter using average modelling approaches
Control Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation on Fast Frequency Response of Energy Storage System Equipped with Advanced Frequency Detection Algorithm
Improvement of the power quality of single-phase grid-connected inverter by filter-based control scheme
Performance Analysis and Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Validation of Single Switch High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converters for MPP Tracking in Solar PV System
Development of SiC-Based Motor Drive Using Typhoon HIL 402 as System-Level Controller
A Real-Time Environment Modelling and Power Quality Analysis of Grid-connected PV System using Typhoon HIL
Hardware-In-the-Loop Implementation of projectile target search algorithm for selective harmonic elimination in a 3-phase multilevel converter
Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation and Control of Totem Pole PFC Converter
Solar PV fed Three Phase Cascaded H Bridge Multi-level Inverter
Vector Control of PMSM Drive with Single Current Sensor
Analysis of Rapid Control Prototyping Performance for Power Conversion Applications
Fault-Tolerant ISOSP Solid-State Transformer for MVDC Distribution
Improved Variable DC Approach to Minimize Drivetrain Losses in Fuel Cell Marine Power Systems
Current limitation strategy for grid-forming converters under symmetrical and asymmetrical grid faults
Advanced control of grid-connected inverters for proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
Dual-layer power scheduling strategy for EV-ESS-controllable load in bi-directional dynamic markets for low-cost implementation
Analysis of a Single-Phase PV Inverter with Generation Control and Power Decoupling Features
Formal Online Resiliency Monitoring in Microgrids
An Observer Based Intrusion Detection Framework for Smart Inverters at the Grid-Edge
Fonte Ininterrupta de Energia de Dupla Conversão Bidirecional Para Integração de Painéis Fotovoltaicos e Rastreamento do Ponto de Máxima Potência
Analytical Formulation and Minimization of Voltage THD in Staircase Modulated Multilevel Inverters With Variable DC Ratios
Analytical Formulation and Optimization of Weighted Total Harmonic Distortion in Three-Phase Staircase Modulated Multilevel Inverters
Enhanced DVR Control System based on the Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm
Analysis of the RMS current stress on the DC link capacitors of the four phase 3-level T-type voltage source converter
Virtual State Damping for Resonance Suppression and Robustness Improvement in LCL-type Distributed Generation Inverters
Full-Silicon 98.7% Efficient Three-Phase Five-Level 3-port UPS Architecture with Wide Voltage Range Battery based on Multiplexed Topology
Cost Function Design for Stability Assessment of Modulated Model Predictive Control
Nonlinear Effect of Deadtime in Small-Signal Modeling of Power-Electronics System Under Low Load Conditions
Impedance Modeling and Stability Analysis of VSG Controlled Grid-Connected Converters with Cascaded Inner Control Loop
Real-Time Simulation Models for Photovoltaic Cells and Arrays in Opal-RT and Typhoon-HIL
Hardware in the Loop Simulation of a Nano-Grid Transactive Energy Exchange
Hardware In the Loop Simulation of a Microgrid: Framework for integration of Different Real Time devices
A Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed: Verification and Validation of Microgrid Control Architectures
Simulation of Hybrid Boost Fly Back Converter: A Virtual Hardware-in-The-Loop Simulation Approach
Real-Time FPGA-based HIL Emulator of Power Electronics Controllers using NI PXI for DFIG Studies
Simplified methods of the 3D-SVPWM for four-wire three-leg inverter
High-speed nonlinear model predictive control of an interleaved switching DC/DC-converter
Observation of State and Topology in DC Networks
Robust backstepping output voltage controller for standalone voltage-sourced converters
Reduced Reference Frame Transform: Deconstructing Three-Phase Four-Wire Systems
Converter-Based Solutions: Opening New Avenues of Power System Protection Against Solar and HEMP MHD-E3 GIC
Highly Accurate Digital Current Controllers for Single-Phase LCL-Filtered Grid-Connected Inverters
A transformless electric spring with decoupled real and reactive power control
A Generalized Parameter Tuning Method of Proportional-Resonant Controllers for Dynamic Voltage Restorers
Space Vector Modulation Techniques for Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Three-Phase Transformerless Split-Source Inverters
Distributed Resilient Secondary Control of DC Microgrids against Unbounded Attacks
Experimental Implementation of Power-Split Control Strategies in a Versatile Hardware-in-the-Loop Laboratory Test Bench for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Equipped with Electrical Variable Transmission
Suppressing Circulating Currents of Battery Management Systems in Droop based Microgrids
Dynamic Effect of Input-Voltage Feedforward in Three-Phase Grid-Forming Inverters
Power Advanced N-level Digital Architecture for models of electrified vehicles and their components
Modeling and Control of a Multifunctional Three-Phase Converter for Bidirectional Power Flow in Plug-In Electric Vehicles
The True Unit Power Factor Converter with Flexible Arrangement for Battery Energy Systems: Series and Separate DC bus connection
Current Control of a Three-Phase, Grid-Connected Inverter in the Presence of Unknown Grid Parameters without a Phase Locked Loop
An Optimal Primary Frequency Control Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Islanded Modernized Microgrids
Real Time Analysis of a Multi-Agent Based Distributed Control Strategy for Islanded AC Microgrids
High-Efficiency Model Predictive Control for Star-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM Under Unbalanced Conditions
A Systematic Approach for the Design of the Digital Low Pass Filters for Energy Storage Systems in EV Applications
Hardware-in-the-loop real-time validation of micro-satellite attitude control
Transformerless Converter-based GMD Protection for Utility Transformers
An Improved Fault-Tolerant Power Converter for Electric Vehicle Propulsion
A Decentralized Energy Management Strategy for a Fuel Cell-Battery Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Composite Control
Design and Analysis of Cascaded H Bridge Nine-Level Inverter in Typhoon HIL
Harvesting in electric vehicles: Combining multiple power tracking and fuel-cells
Design of Super Twisting Sliding Mode Controller for a Three-Phase Grid-connected Photovoltaic System under Normal and Abnormal Conditions
Hosting Capacity Enhancement in Distribution System in Highly Trenchant Photo-Voltaic Environment: A Hardware in Loop Approach
Implementation of Frequency-Approach-Based Energy Management for EVs Using Typhoon HIL402
Optimization of Robust PI Controllers for Grid-Tied Inverters
A new strategy of modulation based on Space Vector Modulation and Annotated Paraconsistent Logic for a three-phase converter
Single-phase power line conditioning with unity power factor under distorted utility voltage
A Robust and Reliable IEEE1547 Compliant Communication System for High Penetrated Renewable Energy Sources
Resilient Networked AC Microgrids Under Unbounded Cyber Attacks
The True Unity Power Factor Converter Applied to Photovoltaic Applications
Adaptive Armature Resistance Control of Virtual Synchronous Generators to Improve Power System Transient Stability
Hardware Emulation of Energization of a Long Transmission Line by High Frequency Power Electronic Converter
Assistive Power Buffer Control via Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Hardware In the Loop Simulation of Predictive Current Control for IM Fed by Multi-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters
Event Trigger Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control for DC Micro Grid with Matched/Unmatched Disturbance Observer
Current Observer Based Predictive Decoupled Power Control Grid-Interactive Inverter
Predictive Control of Three Level Bidirectional Converter in Bipolar DC Microgrid for EV Charging Stations
Backstepping control of two-mass system using induction motor drive fed by voltage source inverter with ideal control performance of stator current
Selection of an appropriate interface algorithm for coupling two real-time simulators
Stability analysis of an Ideal-Transformer-Model interface algorithm
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Grid-tied Converter for Unity Power Factor Operation
Grid-Tied Power Inverter for Energy Saving in Metro Trains Based on a Dual Second Order Generalized Integrator
Discrete SPS Control of a DAB converter using partial Feedback Linearization
Real-Time Simulation and Control of PM Synchronous Generator for Wind Turbine Applications
Real Time Analysis of VFT for Asynchronous Power Flow Control using Typhoon HIL
Hardware in Loop (HIL) Testing of Energy Management Controller for Electric Vehicle integrated Microgrid
Rapid Prototyping Testing Technique for Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems Utilizing Real-Time Hardware in-the-Loop (HIL) Device
Evaluation of Control Strategies within Hybrid DC/AC Microgrids using Typhoon HIL
Analysis and Reshaping on Impedance Characteristic of DFIG System based on Symmetrical PLL
Reactive Power Injection to Mitigate Frequency Transients Using Grid Connected PV Systems
Hardware in the Loop Implementation of the Oscillator-based Heart Model: a Framework for Testing Medical Devices
Recursive Least Squares based Adaptive Parameter Estimation Scheme for Signal Transformation and Grid Synchronization
A novel control scheme for three-phase seven-level packed U-Cell based DSTATCOM
Review of Real-Time Simulation of Power Electronics
Small-Signal Modeling and Analysis of DC-Link Dynamics in Type-IV Wind Turbine System
Joint Observation of State and Topology in DC Networks
Optimal Reconfiguration of DC Networks
Relaxed Optimal Power Flow in AC/DC Microgrids
Stability-constrained Optimal Power Flow for AC Microgrids with Convex Relaxation
Topology-cognizant Optimal Power Flow in Multi-terminal DC Grids
Digital Twin Real-Time FPGA Implementation for Light Electric Vehicle Propulsion System Using EMR Organization
Adaptive cascaded Delayed Signal Cancellation PLL for three-phase grid under unbalanced and distorted condition
Voltage Control of Four-Leg VSC for Power System Applications with Nonlinear and Unbalanced Loads
A transformless electric spring with decoupled real and reactive power control
Design Procedure Combining Linear Matrix Inequalities and Genetic Algorithm for Robust Control of Grid-Connected Converters
Converter-based Power System Protection against DC currents in Transmission and Distribution Networks
Model, design and implementation of a low-cost HIL for power converter and microgrid emulation using DSP
Simulation of a Phasor Measurement Unit in Real Time Using Typhoon Virtual HIL
A Novel MRAS Based Speed Sensorless Vector Controlled PMSM Drive
An Exercise on Model Description Document based Implementation of Shipboard Power System Modules on DRTS Platforms
Closed Loop Control of SEPIC DC-DC Converter Using Loop Shaping Control Technique
On the Decentralized Energy Management Strategy for the All-Electric APU of Future More Electric Aircraft Composed of Multiple Fuel Cells and Supercapacitors
A Test Driven Design Approach to Benchmark Current Controllers for Grid-Tied Inverters
Cross-Platform Comparison of Standard Power System Components used in Real Time Simulation
A Hardware-in-the-Loop Realization of a Robust Discrete-Time Current Control of PMa-SynRM for Aerospace Vehicle Applications
Modeling of Solar Energy Grid Integration System Using Typhoon HIL
A New Stator Resistance Estimation Technique for Vector Controlled PMSM Drive
Alternative hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) setups for real-time simulation and testing of microgrids
Operación de una Microrred de CA como Prototipo de Laboratorio con Fines de Investigación
Inversor Fotovoltaico Monofásico Interconectado a la Red con Soporte de Potencia Reactiva
Influence of the ICFF Decoupling Technique on the Stability of the Current Control Loop of a Grid-Tied VSC
Comparative Analysis on Performance of Power Quality Improvement of Grid-Connected Inverters
Multifunctional PV Converter for Uninterrupted Power Supply
DC electrical drive Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop system
A Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of Advanced Balancing Services in Power Systems
Controller Design of Parallel Buck Voltage Balancers for Bipolar DC Microgrids
An Improved Dynamic Control-based Hardware-in-the-Loop Laboratory Testing for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed for Distributed Coordination and Control Architectures
Online PSO-tuned phase shift angle controller for dual active bridge DC–DC converter
Energy Storage System for Programmable Dispatch of Photovoltaic Generation
Particle Swarm Optimization for Robust Control Tuning Applied to Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Optimum Geometric Carrier-Based Modulation for NPC and T-Type Inverters
Voltage control for VSI using load current observer
Robust control of grid-connected converters under wide grid impedance variation
Optimal control of three-phase PV inverter under Grid voltage unbalance
Central power management system for hybrid PV/battery AC-bus microgrid using Typhoon HIL
A Real-time Simulation Platform for Maximum Power Point TrackingAlgorithm Study in Solar Photovoltaic System
Real-Time Microgrid Simulation for Power Consumption and Energy SourcesOptimization
A Programmable Single Phase Multilevel Current Source Inverter
The WRHE-PWM Strategy with Minimized THD to Suppress High-FrequencyResonance Instability in Railway Traction Power Supply System
Analysis and mitigation of voltage measurement errors for three-phaseparallel voltage source inverters
Development of bi-directional DC/DC converter for fuel cell hybrid vehicle
Reduced order model verification of a DC microgrid for controller design and determination of storage requirements
Ancillary Service with Grid Connected PV: A Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Approach for Evaluation of Performances
An Enhanced Model Predictive Control Using Virtual Space Vectors for Grid-Connected Three-Level Neutral-Point Clamped Inverters
Dynamic Analysis of Grid-Connected Droop-Controlled Converters and Synchronverters
A Model PredictiveVoltage Control using Virtual Space Vectors for Grid-Forming Energy Storage Converters
Power Pulsation Decoupling in a Series-Stacked PV-Battery Inverter
Implementation of a Remote Control and Monitoring Network for a DC Microgrid
An InnovativeEvent-Based Filtering Scheme Using H∞ Performance for Stochastic LTI Systems Considering a Practical Application in Smart Modernized Microgrids
A variable DC approach to minimize drivetrain losses in fuel cell marine power systems
Banshee distribution network benchmark and prototyping platform for hardware-in-the-loop integration of microgrid and device controllers
A Novel Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive Directive Torque Control Strategy of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Extended Output
PV-Battery Series Inverter Architecture: A Solar Inverter for Seamless Battery Integration With Partial-Power DC–DC Optimizer
Autonomous Power Reserve Control for Cluster of Photovoltaic Sources in Microgrids
Distributed Generation Systems: An Approach in Instrumentation and Monitoring
A Hardware-in-the-Loop Realization of A Robust Discrete-Time Current Control of PMa-SynRM for Aerospace Vehicle
Resilient Cooperative Control of DC Microgrids
ABC based reduced order modelling of microgrid in grid-tied mode
Proposal of a single-phase synchronous inverter with noninterference performance for power system stability enhancement and emergent microgrid operation
A Generalized Parameter Tuning Method of Proportional-Resonant Controllers for Dynamic Voltage Restorers
Modelling and sliding-mode control of a single-phase single-stage converter with application to plug-in electric vehicles
Kinetic energy recovery system based on a grid-tied three-phase power inverter for metro trains
A Decentralized Energy Management Strategy for a Hybrid Power Supply System with Multiple Fuel Cells and Supercapacitors
Power Production Maximization Schemes for Grid-Connected Converters-Case Study: Local Distribution Network Under Unbalanced Voltages
High Speed Control Method for Superposing High-Frequency-High-Sinusoidal-Current with DC Current to Analyze Battery AC Impedance
Design Method of DC Power Supply for Superposing 20kHz/100A Peak to Peak Sinusoidal Current with Several Hundred DC Current to Analyze Battery AC Impedance
Improved Phase-Locked Loop Algorithm for Synchronization Under Grid Faults
Control of Energy Storage System Integrating Electrochemical Batteries and SC for Grid-connected Applications
State-Space Modeling and Reachability Analysis for a DC Microgrid
Modular Modeling and Control of Power Flow in A Multi-Port Active-Bridge Converter
Estudo de técnicas Backstepping para Controle de Correntes de um Motor de Indução Trifásico
A Verification of Improved Distributed Control in DC Microgrid based on Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation
Safe Reactive Power Production Schemes For the Grid-Connected Converters Affected by the Voltage Unbalances
Laboratorio E3PACS de investigación en micro-redes
Control Hardware-in-the-Loop Demonstration of a Building-Scale DC Microgrid Utilizing Distributed Control Algorithm
Estágio de Entrada com Dupla Funcionalidade Aplicado a uma UPS Trifásica de Alto Desempenho
Towards Plug-and-Play Microgrids
Discrete-time stability analysis of grid-connected converters considering the PLL dynamics
Binary Search Algorithm-Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic System Under Partial Shaded Conditions
Complete Small-Signal Model of Three-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter Considering the Source and Load Effects
A Development of Single-phase Synchronous Inverter and Integration to Single-phase Microgrid effective for frequency stability enhancement
A Novel Robust Model Predictive Controller for Aerospace Three-Phase PWM Rectifiers
A systematic design of PR current controllers for single-phase LCL-type grid-connected inverters under distorted grid voltage
Influence of Load Peak Shaving on Battery System Capacity in an Islanded Building Microgrid
Isolated Multilevel HVDC Converter for Off-shore DC Distribution
A Hardware-in-the-Loop Realization of Speed Sensorless Control of PMa-SynRM with Steady-State and Transient Performances Enhancement
Time-Optimal Input-Shaping Control of a Saturating Inductor DC-DC Converter
Undersampling Control for a DC–DC Boost and Forward Dual Active Bridge for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected PV Converter
An Active Oscillation Compensation Method to Mitigate High-Frequency Harmonic Instability and Low-Frequency Oscillation in Railway Traction Power Supply System
Frequency Response Analysis of Load Effect on Dynamics of Grid-Forming Inverter
Pre-Evaluation of Grid Code Compliance for Power Electronics Inverter Systems in Low-Voltage Smart Grids
Comparative Study for Steady-State Operation of IAG in Stand-Alone mode using MATLAB and Typhoon HIL
PV-Battery Series Inverter Architecture: A Solar Inverter for Seamless Battery Integration with Partial-Power DC-DC Optimizer
EMR-based Signal-HIL Testing of an Electric Vehicle Control
Pre-Certification of Grid Code Compliance for Solar Inverters with an Automated Controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Environment
Real-time Optimal Energy Management Controller for Electric Vehicle Integration in Workplace Microgrid
Unstable Equilibrium Points in Standalone Synchronous Generator
Three-Phase AC-Stacked PV Inverter Architecture and Output Balancing Control Strategy with Battery under Asymmetrical Irradiance Conditions
Comparative Analysis of Non-isolated and Isolated type Partial-Power Optimizers for PV-Battery Series Inverter Architecture
Hardware-in-the-Loop Co-Simulation Based Validation of Power System Control Applications
Partial grid forming concept for 100% inverter-based transmission systems
Realisation and HIL testing of wind turbine emulator based on DTC squirrel cage induction motor drive
Design of a 400 Hz Current-Source Single-Phase Converter for Avionic Systems
Dual Active Full Bridge Implementation on Typhoon HIL for G2V and V2G Applications
Multi-Objective Optimization Control for the Aerospace Dual-Active Bridge Power Converter
A Decentralized Dynamic Load Power Allocation Strategy for Fuel Cell/Supercapacitor-Based APU of Large More Electric Vehicles
Signal Temporal Logic-based Attack Detection in DC Microgrids
A new multifunctional converter based on a series compensator applied to AC microgrids
Control and Operating Range Analysis of AC-Stacked PV Inverter Architecture Integrated with Battery
Loop Shaping Controller Design for Constant Output Interleaved Boost Converter using Real-Time Hardware in-the-Loop (HIL)
Real-time implementation of minimum time transition for paralleled boost converters
Decentralized Control Strategy for AC-Stacked PV Inverter Architecture Under Grid Background Harmonics
Interconnection Standard Grid-Support Function Evaluations using an Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed
Enhanced Control for Improving the Operation of Grid-Connected Power Converters under Faulty and Saturated Conditions
Simulación ‘Hardware in the Loop’ de Un Inversor Trifásico Conectado a la Red Eléctrica
Grid-connected converter active and reactive power production maximization with respect to current limitations during grid faults
Assessment of GCCs’ synchronization units under various grid voltage conditions
Development of Isolated SenseGaN current monitoring for boundary conduction mode control of power converters
Flexible high efficiency battery-ready PV inverter for rooftop systems
A Novel Platform for Power Train Modeling of Electric Cars with Experimental Validation Using Real-Time Hardware in-the-Loop (HIL): A Case Study of GM Chevrolet Volt 2nd Generation
A way of increasing stability margin of current control in VSCs connected to the grid through LCL filters
A Hierarchy of Models for Microgrids With Grid-Feeding Inverters
Hardware In The Loop Testing Of Shipboard Power System’s Management, Control And Protection
Operation and control of a microgrid in isolated mode with multiple distributed generation systems
Modeling and control of interleaved buck converter for electric vehicle fast chargers
A distributed active and reactive power control strategy for balancing grid-tied cascaded H-bridge PV inverter system
Stability Analysis and Parameters Optimization of Islanded Microgrid with Both Ideal and Dynamic Constant Power Loads
Performance and Mitigation Strategy of Distributed AC-Stacked PV Inverter Architecture under Grid Background Harmonics
Smart Inverter Volt-Watt Control Design in High PV Penetrated Distribution Systems
AC-Sweep Analysis and Verification of an AC Power Source with Virtual Output Impedance for Validation of Grid Connected Components
Design and Evaluation of SunSpec-Compliant Smart Grid Controller with an Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed
Metastability of Pulse Power Loads using the Hamiltonian Surface Shaping Method
Interconnection Standard Grid-Support Function Evaluations using an Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed
Ramp-rate Control Strategy for Distributed PV-ESS AC-stacked Inverter Architecture
Hardware-in-the-Loop Co-Design Testbed for Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters
Distributed Assistive Control of Power Buffers in DC Microgrids
LQR-based control for a battery charging system with robust stability to parametric uncertainty
Educational framework for a motor drive control system: Design and performance assessment
Model-Based Fault Detection and Identification for Switching Power Converters
Cascaded bridgeless totem-pole multilevel converter with model predictive control for 400 V dc-powered data centers
Direct power control of grid connected voltage source inverters using port-controlled Hamiltonian system
Fully Automated Testing of “AVL E-Storage BTE 1200V” with Parallelized Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems
Grid synchronization and control of distributed generation unit with flexible load compensation capabilities using multi-output LMS-filter
Grid voltage modulated direct power control for grid connected voltage source inverters
Investigating effects of Delta-Sigma modulation for current measurement on FCS-MPC of IM: Hardware in the loop results
Sliding mode-based multi-loop current control of a LCL grid-tied converter
TextX: A Python tool for Domain-Specific Languages implementation
A Distributed Active and Reactive Power Control for Grid-tied Cascaded H-bridge PV Inverter System Using Relative Gain Array approach
A new approach to Improve PV Power Injection in LV electrical systems using DVR
Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing for High Voltage/Power System “AVL E-Storage BTE”
Optimal Droop Surface Control of Dc Microgrids Based on Battery State of Charge
Control of energy storage system integrating electrochemical batteries and SC for grid-connected applications
Digital control HIL comparison for adjustable speed drives
Multi-layer hardware-in-the-loop testbed for microgrids
Time base synchronization for interconnecting Real-Time platforms in co-simulation
Model Identification of Dynamic Microgrids and Controller Optimization with High Fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop Platform
Compensation of neutral point deviation in 3-level NPC converter under unbalanced grid conditions
A comprehensive procedure for development of power electronics control systems
A multiport isolated dc-dc converter
A multitasking control algorithm for grid-connected inverters in distributed generation applications using adaptive noise cancellation filters
Arpeggio: A flexible PEG parser for python
Automated Hardware-in-the-loop testing for high voltage/power system ‘AVL E-STORAGE BTE
Evaluation of system-integrated smart grid devices using software-and hardware-in-the-loop
Integrated rapid prototyping of distributed energy resources in a real-time validation environment
MDA approach in designing real-time embedded systems
Optimized Coupling Factor of Multi-Winding Coupled Inductor for Minimum Inductor Current Ripple in Rapid Traction Battery Charger System
FailSafe: A Generalized Methodology for Converter Fault Detection, Identification, and Remediation in Nanogrids
Direct Power Control for Three Phase Grid Connected Inverter via Port-Controlled Hamiltonian Method
Nonlinear Adaptive Speed Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors under Unbalanced Resistances
Concept of a three phase AC power source with virtual output impedance for tests of grid connected components
A novel capacitor voltage balancing method in modular multilevel converters
Aspects of real-time digital simulations of electrical networks
Flexible grid connection and islanding of SPC-based PV power converters
Real-Time Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Switching Power Converters
Comparison of different power loop controllers for synchronous power controlled grid-interactive converters
Design of optimized coupling factor for minimum inductor current ripple in rapid EV charger systems using multi-winding coupled inductor
A control structure for PWM-controlled static synchronous compensators under unbalanced conditions and grid faults
Development of innovative robust stability enhancement algorithms for distribution systems containing distributed generators
Implementation of generic DSP component within TyphoonHIL software for modeling power circuits schemes
Neutral Point Balancing Algorithm for Multi-level Converter under Unbalanced Operating Conditions
Novel modular multiple-input bidirectional DC–DC power converter (MIPC) for HEV/FCV application
Six Step Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Improved Current Dynamics
Preizkušanje aktivnih kompenzacijskih naprav z RTDS simulatorjem
Modular Transformer Converter-Based Convertible Static Transmission Controller for Transmission Grid Management
Comparison of PR Controller and Damped PR Controller for Grid Current Control of LCL Filter Based Grid-Tied Inverter under Frequency Variation and Grid Distortion
Optimal Geometric Control of Dc Microgrids
Real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Optimal Dc Microgrid Control Development
Instantaneous fault current limiter for PWM-controlled Voltage Source Converters
A high-fidelity integrated platform for rapid prototyping of AC motor drives
Locking frequency band exposure method for islanding detection and prevention in distributed generation
Modular resonant converter for 25kV-8A power supply: Design, implementation and real time simulation
Novel Modular Multiple-Input Bidirectional DC–DC Power Converter (MIPC) for HEV/FCV Application
Variable interleaving technique for photovoltaic cascaded DC-DC converters
Hardware-in-the-Loop Optimization of the 3-phase Grid Connected Converter Controller
Fail-safe Modular Control Platform for Power Electronic Applications in R&D Environments
High-Fidelity Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Emulation of PMSM Inverter Drives
A virtual laboratory for power electronics and DSP based motion controll
Validation of Frequency-and Time-domain Fidelity of an Ultra-low Latency Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Emulator
Real time Hardware in the loop simulation of Convertible Static Transmission Controller for Transmission Grid Management
Development of High-Reliability EV and HEV IM Propulsion Drive with Ultra-Low Latency HIL Environment
Fault Detection and Isolation Filters for Three-Phase AC-DC Power Electronics Systems
MARTHA: Architecture for Control and Emulation of Power Electronics and Smart Grid Systems
Motor drive control development: a new approach to learning and design
Oscillatory angle control scheme for PWM static synchronous compensators under unbalanced conditions and system faults
HIL Validation of Batery Energy Storage Controller
Power Electronics Development in the Cloud
Ultralow Latency HIL Platform for Rapid Development of Complex Power Electronics Systems
HIL Evaluation of Power Flow Control Strategies for Energy Storage Connected to Smart Grid Under Unbalanced Conditions
A Linear-Switched Observer for Large-Signal State Estimation on Power Electronics
Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing for Electric Vehicle Drive Applications
Cyber Physical Systems: A New Approach to Power Electronics Simulation, Control and Testing
Utralow-Latency Hardware-in-the-Loop Platform for Rapid Validation of Power Electronics Designs
Time-Predictable Computer Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems: Digital Emulation of Power Electronics Systems
High-speed hardware-in-the loop platform for rapid prototyping of power electronics systems
Real-Time Digital Simulation: Enabling Rapid Development of Power Electronics