Typhoon Test Hub

Managing your regression test infrastructure is a big task. Making it scalable is also challenging. Getting the most out the thousands of test case results is difficult.

Test Relentlessly.

While setting up automated tests might require an upfront investment in terms of time and resources, the long-term benefits in terms of reduced manual testing efforts, faster time-to-market, and improved product quality result in significant cost savings. Enables end-to-end test automation: every product code change can be evaluated for quick feedback. The same environment enables you to conduct a sensitivity analysis of the whole system in real-time.

With Typhoon Test Hub:

  • Removes the complexity of automatically triggering test execution and managing the results.
  • Get insight on how your regression test infrastructure is doing.
  • Share expensive resources between manual and automated testing.
  • Centralized regression test orchestration and results. Manage and visualized distribute resources and results in a single place.
  • Same platform for quick overview (management) or detailed view of test results (development team)
  • Uses Docker containers for great scalability.
  • Execute complex scenarios and fully automate your testing processes.

Test what changes the most often: your software.

We’ve developed an integrated solution for orchestrating test execution and organization of test results. The advancements we’ve made compared to our existing test infrastructure is that you can now not only manually execute the tests on your HIL benches but more easily automate and integrate them into your overall development and maintenance infrastructures.

Henrique Magnago headshot 2
Henrique Magnago

Head of Test Automation Solutions Group