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Engineering the future of digital power with

vertically integrated end-to-end HIL testing solutions.

Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation solutions.

Streamlining embedded software design, testing, and lifecycle maintenance with ultra-high fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop – ensuring you peace of mind.


Increase fidelity. Reduce time-to-market.

HIL for e-Mobility
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Power Electronics

Achieve continuous testing.

HIL for Power Electronics
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Grid Modernization

Empower system integration. Insure interoperability.

HIL for Grid Modernization
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Best-in-class HIL simulators.

Supporting a range of HIL system setups and testbeds, we offer vertically integrated HIL simulators, a spectrum of plug-and-play HIL interfaces, and a library of HIL Compatible devices. Combine our hardware with our flagship software and our engineering services to outrun and outperform your competitors.



TyphoonSim & HIL101

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Customer Support with HIL

We wanted a system which could be used by everyone. A Typhoon HIL system is a test infrastructure which works right out of the box.

A head shot of Soren Baekhoj Klaer.
Søren Baekhoj Klaer

Engineer, VTL Drives

Revolutionizing the Aviation Industry

What Typhoon HIL is providing us is extremely important. The design of the powertrain, motor, battery system, and software has to be completely safe. It is only through simulation that we can get the best design before the re-life testing.

A head shot of Andre Borschberg.
Andre Borschberg

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Improve your
Work and Product Reliability

Testing and pre-certification is where implementing Typhoon HIL’s Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) test solutions helped us the most: we dramatically decreased our development and testing time through test automation and the wide array of tested scenarios enabled us to always step into certification with full confidence.

A head shot of Steven VanWerkhoven.
Steven VanWerkhoven

Director of Software Development

Pushing the Limits of Testing e-mesh Controls

“Using Typhoon HIL, we are developing a solution that is addressing microgrids, energy storage, and automation and control of distributed energy resources.”

A head shot of Luca Cicognani.
Luca Cicognani

Strategic Partnerships Manager

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A man engrossed in an airplane drive simulation, focused on two computer monitors displaying the simulated environment.

Empowering companies to help create a sustainable future.

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Academic & Research

Enrich your HIL experience from day one, explore our on-demand learning, teaching platform, and magnify your research impact.

Learn. Research. Teach.
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