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Typhoon HIL specializes in the development and production of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing and simulation solutions for e-mobility, power electronics, microgrids, and renewable energy systems. Our products are designed to simulate real-world conditions and enable efficient testing, validation, and development of various power electronic systems. Supporting a range of HIL systems setups, we offer vertically integrated HIL simulator hardware, a variety of HIL interfaces, and our leading software to accommodate your needs.

Top view of the HIL404 device.
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HIL Simulator

Top view of the HIL404 device.

Typhoon HIL currently offers four (HIL101, HIL404, HIL604, HIL606) best-in-class hardware devices that can support all your testing and evaluation system needs. As designers of the world’s first real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) digital testing model, using our vertically integrated product line ensures you have an optimized energy-efficient and cost-effective way of doing business.

High performance and long-term stability.


Offering you a powerful and versatile solution for testing, optimization, development, and validation, our Typhoon HIL Control Center (THCC) provides an efficient way to reduce your need for expensive physical prototypes resulting in cost savings and risk mitigation. Explore our software key features which include Schematic Editor, HIL SCADA, TyphoonTest IDE, Package Manager, and much more to suit your needs.

Also we encourage you to check out TyphoonSim, our new high-speed offline simulator with variable-step capabilities, offering exceptional flexibility for power stage and control design within an integrated simulation environment.

Typhoon HIL Interface with the boards coming out of the box.
Plug-and-Play Interface Solutions for Controller Development Kits.

HIL Interfaces

Typhoon HIL Interface with the boards coming out of the box.

Typhoon HIL offers a variety of flexible interfaces for engineers to thoroughly validate and verify the performance of complex systems in a controlled and repeatable environment. With a range of industry expertise, learn more about our reliable and efficient products which play a critical role in facilitating your exchange of data and signals during HIL testing.

Streamline motor drive design and testing

Compared with the testing using actual hardware, with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) we were able to focus on the design of the control part without the need for complicated test preparation. With an intuitive and easy-to-understand model interface such as a circuit simulator, one can use it even if they are not familiar with HIL simulation. With HIL, we were able to focus on the design of the controller without the need for complicated preparation.

Ryota Kitamoto
Ryota Kitamoto

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