Speed. Power. Flexibility.

Our flagship product, HIL606, is the industry top of the line built to solve the most demanding power electronics and grid modernization needs with ultra-high fidelity and expansive connectivity ports.

Front view of HIL606.
Transform your testing process

The combination of the speed of our 4th generation real-time processor, with the power of our 6-series devices, there is no product on the market with this level of accuracy, speed, and raw simulation power. Answering the industry needs for both speed and flexibility, it has never been so easy to run complex high-fidelity models at the highest time resolutions with ample device interfaces.

Isometric, line drawing of the HIL606 with all connectors.

Our HIL606 device enables:

  • Down to 25ns real-time simulation time-step (typically 250 ns)
  • Down to 200ns analog output update rate
  • Interface your controller via 64 analog outputs, 32 analog inputs, 64 digital inputs, and 64 digital outputs.
  • A 3.5ns Gate Drive Signal (GDS) oversampling on all digital inputs
  • Up to 10 processing cores.
  • Real-time emulation of non-linear machines with spatial harmonics.
  • Real-time emulation of semiconductor switches power losses.
  • The most accurate Dual-Active Bridge (DAB) and resonant DC/DC converter models.
  • JMAG-RT FEM electric machine model import.
  • HIL connectivity includes: USB3.0, 4x Ethernet, 2x EtherCat, 2x CAN FD, 2x QSFP, General Purpose IO (GPIO) and more.
Upgrading to a HIL606

Current HIL Users

Power smarter innovation by upgrading to our HIL606 device. Our HIL’s hardware design allows for plug-and-play using your existing interface boards and pin to pin compatibility. On the modeling side, the HIL606 can run any model developed for any device with no additional modifications whatsoever.

Mitigate your risk and remove your technological barriers so your teams can focus on reinventing the future of intelligent energy.

HIL606 Technical details
Processor ZU9EG Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC; up to 8 processing cores
Channels 32 x Analog inputs (AI); 64 x Analog outputs (AO); 64 x Digital inputs (DI); 64 x Digital outputs (DO)
GDS Oversampling resolution 3.5ns
Resolution 16 bit
Analog IO voltage range ± 10 V
Built-in scope Yes
Machine models support Basic; Advanced
Connectivity Ethernet; EtherCAT; CAN; FDCAN; RS232; GPIO; HSSL; JTAG; USB 3.0; SFP; QSFP; IRIG-B
Compatibility HIL DSP Interface; HIL Breakout board; HIL dS Interfaces; HIL uGrid DSP Interface; HIL Connect
Software Typhoon HIL Control Center (THCC)
Jul 30, 2021

HIL606 – The perfect balance of speed, power and flexibility.

Now you have the speed you love from our latest 4th generation devices together with the power of our 6-series, 8-core processors, balanced with the flexibility you require to connect to the devices you need.