Typhoon HIL Interface Cards

Plug-and-Play Interface Solutions for Controller Development Kits

Interface with everything.

HIL interfaces play a critical role in HIL testing setups by enabling the seamless integration of real hardware into the simulation environment, facilitating accurate and efficient testing and validation of control systems in a controlled and safe manner. Typhoon HIL offers a wide variety of essential interfaces to create seamless integration and interaction to assess data communication, signal conditioning, real-time processing, I/O connectivity, communication protocols, safety features, and more.

True Plug and Play Interface

HIL Connect

HIL Connect is a signal conditioning device which converts HIL standard signal levels to user required levels. It directly interfaces with your controller to the HIL emulator and is adaptable to most of the protection relay and genset controller standard IO levels. Explore our true plug-and-play interface and its extensive capabilities.

Pin-to-Pin Compatible Interfaces

HIL TI Interface Cards

HIL TI Interface Cards or modules are specifically designed by our engineers to simplify Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing with a range of Texas Instruments microcontroller development kits. With the wide use of these microcontroller development kits, Typhoon HIL also supports HIL TI Launchpad and HIL TI DSP 180.

Unprecedented Ease-of-Use & Flexibility

HIL Breakout Board

Typhoon HIL’s Breakout Board creates easy access to the necessary pins, interfaces, and connectors for interfacing with your hardware and other devices systems being tested. Our HIL Breakout Board is compatible with all series of Typhoon HIL hardware simulators.

EV Testing Integration Solution

HIL Infineon Interface Cards

Typhoon’s HIL Infineon Technologies TriBoard Interface Cards are specifically designed to enable a seamless plug and play between AURIX™. This collaborative designed approach enables control developers to test early and test often and to also start early to build tests.

Plug-and-Play for Easy Rapid Control Prototyping

HIL dS Interface Cards

To kick-start your control development, Typhoon offers you HIL dS Interface Cards. HIL dS Interface is the ideal sandbox for power electronics control development as it provides you with the necessary analog and digital inputs and outputs to enable real-time data exchange and control connecting a subset of a dSPACE hardware with Typhoon HIL4 and HIL6 series devices.


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