HIL Connect

To fully test, verify, and certify your power electronics controller in the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) configuration, it is crucial that the controller under test mimics your converter hardware in real-time. For the controller to “believe” that it is imitating a real setup, all current, voltage, and optical I/O interfaces, must behave like real power stage signals.

True Plug and Play Interface

With Typhoon HIL Connect, our engineers have applied their many years of experience in power electronics to the HIL Connect Interface system to support all major connector types, from terminal blocks to Broadcast Networking Control Systems (BNCs). Because of this, your device controller can work as if it is operating a real plant in a virtual domain. By interacting with LEM sensors, relays, switches, and every kind of sensor you can think of you can connect your controller to the HIL simulator using the same cables you would use in the real world for seamless integration.

Features and Benefits

HIL Connect with HIL606 on top of it.

Our HIL Connect is a best-in-class device as it helps you:

  • Connect your controller directly to the HIL simulator
  • Measurement subsystem emulation
  • Observe analog and/or digital inputs and configuration
  • With ample user-replacement cards (8) slots
  • Support CAN family of cards:​ CAN DO Card (32 x relay outputs)​, CAN AO Card (32 x 16-bit analog outputs)​, CAN Fault Insertion Card (6 channels)​, CAN Resistor Emulator (4 channels)

Our HIL Connect has a 1-week lead time and ships from stock to make our ordering process seamless. We have also created a configuration, that covers all your needs for interfacing any kind of controllers, protection relays, or diesel gensets to cover all your grid modernization, BMS and e-Mobility use-cases.

HIL Connect with HIL606 on top of it.

Our standard card portfolio includes cards which are commonly used in the Power Electronics, EV, and BMS test industries. To support the 1-week lead time, we keep all standard cards in stock and ready to ship. 

Card name Channels Description
High Voltage Output Card 8 Analog output: 130V RMS low power
Current Output Card 8 Analog output: 2A RMS
Analog Output Card 32 Analog output: ±10 V or ±20 mA
Analog Input Card 16 Analog put: ±10 V or ±20 mA
Digital Output Card 32 Digital output: 5V, 15V, or 24 V
Digital Input Card 32 Digital input: 3.3 V to 24 V logic high
Fiber Optic Input Card 16 Fiber input: 50Mbd 1mm POF
Fiber Optic Output Card 16 Fiber output: 50Mbd 1mm POF
CAN Resistor Emulator Card 8 Resistance emulator: CAN controllable, 0 to 655.5 kΩ
CAN Relay DO Card 32 Relay card: CAN controllable, 5A rating
Provide you specification, we handle the rest.

Custom HIL Connect

Typhoon HIL offers a service to design and produce a fully Custom HIL Connect, per your specification. Our team of experts works with your engineers to specify all electrical, mechanical, and modeling customization tasks for your new HIL Connect system. We then implement a series of IO tests to ensure the performance of the interface system. After extensive testing, your Custom HIL Connect is delivered to your site, and with the assistance from our specialists, the on-site commissioning is performed.

A custom interface for your needs

For the PANDA EU Funded project, the HIL Connect was optimized for the automotive industry and interconnection with other automotive testing solutions.

Typhoon HIL testbeds were used to emulate the full electric vehicle model in real-time and confirm that the battery system performed within the required specifications.


A head shot of Ronan German.
Dr. Ronan German

Associate Professor and Control Team Member at L2EP