Traction Converters

Powering the Future of Rail with HIL

Traction converters are essential components in shaping the future of electrical energy, particularly in the context of transportation and e-Mobility as they support reducing the reliance on internal combustion engines and fossil fuels. These converters are specifically crucial in electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as in railway systems, and they contribute to various aspects of energy efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement in are enabling the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles, transition to electric transportation is a key step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Traction converter on the left and monitor with diagram on the right.

In this ever-evolving landscape of railway electrification, the combination of advanced traction converters and HIL testing solutions is instrumental in ensuring the seamless integration, reliability, and optimal performance of electric trains. As technology continues to advance, leveraging HIL testing methodologies will be key to staying ahead in the development of cutting-edge traction converter solutions.

Typhoon HIL offers a solution to support your traction converter which help you:

  • Reduce the need for physical prototypes, saving both time and resources during the development phase
  • With early detection and rectification of issues, minimizing the risk of failures in the field
  • Rigorous testing in a simulated environment enhances the overall reliability and safety of traction converters
  • Streamlined development process enabled by HIL Testing results in faster time-to-market for new traction converter solutions

Seamlessly test, verify and validate you traction converters to ensure compatibility and interoperability with Typhoon HIL.

Fuji Electric’s Railway R&D Center tests new trains with HIL

By simulating in the HIL testbed the operating points that cannot be tested in high-power operating conditions, we were able to improve test coverage significantly and reduce testing time over up to 60%.

Salman Ahmed

R&D Engineer at Fuji Electric Co., Ltd

The red train moving fast along the tracks.