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The most demanding power electronics applications for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing are in the electric vehicle (EV) domain, namely: high performance motor drive, on-board charger and DC/DC converter, and battery management system (BMS).

Front view of HIL404.
Advanced electric machines models. One click away.

Achieving ultra-high fidelity real-time hardware in the loop simulation of these converters has been one of the most challenging real-time simulation goals. HIL404 is our solution to these challenges. Tailor built for EV motor drives with the most detailed inverter models that include switching device loss modeling, spatial-harmonic electric machine models, CAN connectivity, and plug-and-play interface towards 3rd party test automation tools via XIL ASAM compatible API – these complexities are no match for our HIL404 device emulator.

With burgeoning industry demand for ever higher switching frequency converters, new wide-bandgap semiconductors, new electric motor designs, and new topologies our engineers designed a product to push the limits of real-time simulation. It has never been so easy to run ultra high-fidelity and accurate models providing a whole new dimension of precision with our HIL404.

Isometric, line drawing of the HIL404 with all the connectors.

Our HIL404 device enables:

  • Down to a 25ns simulation time-step (typically 250ns).
  • Down to a 200ns analog output update rate.
  • A 3.5ns GDS oversampling on all digital inputs.
  • Up to 4 processing cores.
  • Real-time emulation of non-linear machines with spatial harmonics.
  • Real-time emulation of semiconductor switches power losses.
  • The most accurate Dual Active Bridge (DAB) converter model.
  • The most accurate resonant DC/DC converter model.
  • JMAG-RT FEM electric machine model import.
  • HIL connectivity exploded: USB3.0, Ethernet, Gb/s serial link, JTAG, General Purpose IO (GPIO).
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Seamless Integration and Compatibility

The HIL404 also offers seamless integration with Matlab/Simulink, PSIM, JMAG-RT, ANSYS and other model-based and physics-based simulation software enabling importing existing models from 3rd party simulation tools. Dive into our technical documentation to learn more about our complete product offering.

Approach physical tests of your control system with confidence.

HIL404 Technical details
Processor Up to 4 core
Channels 16 x Analog inputs (AI);
16 x Analog outputs (AO);
32 x Digital inputs (DI);
32 x Digital outputs (DO)
GDS Oversampling resolution 3.5ns
Resolution 16 bit
Analog IO voltage range ± 10 V
Built-in scope Yes
Machine models support Basic; Advanced
Connectivity Ethernet;
USB 3.0
Compatibility HIL DSP Interface;
HIL Breakout board;
HIL dSpace Interface;
HIL uGrid DSP Interface
Software Typhoon HIL Control Center (THCC)
Mar 28, 2020

HIL404 – The Best just got better.

Meet the 404 – Our fastest HIL, yet.

Record breaking speed
The Best just got better.
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