Battery Management System

Optimizing your battery management system testing

Battery management systems play an important role in your electric vehicles (EVs) battery performance and safety. But traditional methods to test battery management systems can be time intensive and resource heavy. Typhoon HIL’s testing simulations provide a cost-effective and efficient approach to validate your systems in the virtual space without the need for full-power testing. This can save you time, save you money, and improve your manufacturing processes.  

Our comprehensive toolchain makes it easy to ensure all of the components of your battery management system, controllers, and chargers are at peak performance. This is essential to maximize the lifespan and reliability of your EVs. Recreate a range of faults and errors and delays using our high-fidelity simulations to see how your battery management systems stand up in the real world, and make any changes needed to address any safety hazards proactively. 

A diagram of a user interface for testbed manipulation and simulation control, real-time HIL Simulator with BMS interface and BMS under test.

Typhoon HIL advantages include:

  • Battery cell emulators eliminate the need to use physical batteries 
  • It easy to run testing earlier in the development process
  • Our safe and efficient approach simulates how systems respond in dangerous scenarios 
  • Easy-to-use plug and play components
  • Our easy-to-scale solution saves money and shortens timeframes 

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Aug 6, 2022

Battery Components | Demo

This demo focuses on the functionalities of the Battery cell component, found in the Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor library. Working principles, parameterization possibilities, and parameter dependencies are discussed in detail. Several parametrization best practices are covered, which should be used in conjunction with the component documentation for best results.