Active Filters

Maintain power quality and grid stability

In the face of increasing complexity, integration of renewable sources, and changing energy consumption patterns, active filters are playing a greater role in ensuring the quality, reliability, and sustainability of electrical energy systems. Properly maintaining grid resilient and efficient power distribution, in both industry and commercial settings requires preventative measures and thorough testing to avoid unexpected challenges 

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Typhoon HIL offers a solution to support exhaustive controlled testing of active filters with our Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) devices. We provide you and your team with scalable technology to effectively replicate in a virtual domain, the realistic and efficient means to test various system components.  

Our solutions help you:  

  • Measure the current and voltage waveform, generating a compensating currents 
  • Address problems such as harmonic distortion and voltage fluctuations 
  • Monitor and adjust compensation parameters, nonlinear loads and other factors 
  • Test stable power supply of your sensitive equipment, automation systems to improve smart manufacturing 

Mitigate power quality issues, improving efficiency, and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources with Typhoon HIL. 

Sep 2, 2020

HIL Tested Schneider Electric Active Harmonic Filters

Tested in a Typhoon Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) environment, the AccuSine PCSn guarantees the highest performance available today, bringing simplicity and performance to your network in one package. Take control of your operation and clean up your power with AccuSine PCSn high performance active harmonic filters.