Custom Processor Configurations

Tailor-made processor configurations

At Typhoon HIL, we are constantly searching for a perfect balance between performance, flexibility, and ease of use of our HIL Simulators. It is why all our devices come standard with a number of processor configurations that allow you to pick and choose the most suitable one for your application. In addition, we constantly work on new processor configurations for our HIL simulators that will further enrich your options.  Yet, we decided to go even one step further and to empower you to build your own processor configurations that are optimal for your application requirements.

A man showing a red PCB board.

Why Choose Custom Processor Configurations?

Standard processor configurations already provide a mountain of flexibility.  However, if you want to: maximize resource utilization of your HIL device; improve performance of your existing HIL simulator; squeeze an even larger model into a HIL simulator – than Custom Processor Configuration option is for you.

How to Obtain Custom Processor Configuration?

Define target processor requirements: Using our Virtual HIL simulator explore processor resource requirements for the target application. Evaluate processor resource utilization for a given model or a group of models and determine minimum required resources for the custom processor configuration.
Request custom processor configuration: Using our online custom firmware configurator input resource requirement from previous step.  Use the interactive online resource mapping tool to optimize final configuration logic and memory utilization. Request a new processor configuration with unique processor computational resource allocation. Our digital processor design experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your configuration requirement and confirm design viability.
Custom processor build process: Based on the spec and design evaluation, we will build a customized processor configuration only available to your organization under your unique license file.

Ongoing support

We don’t just stop at the implementation. Our commitment extends to providing continuous lifecycle support that guarantees compatibility and seamless experience across all updates and upgrades to keep your HIL Simulator at its peak performance.

Ready to Elevate Your HIL Testing Experience?

Continue marching towards ultimate precision, performance, ease of use, and efficiency in HIL testing. Explore how our custom processor configuration service can further accelerate your value creation.

May 17, 2023

Custom Firmware Configurations | 2023.2 Release Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to use custom firmware configurations, available starting with the 2023.2 software release of Typhoon HIL Control Center. With this feature, you can add new configurations tailored to your project needs by choosing how the FPGA resources are utilized. Follow the tutorial to see how to use this and feel free to reach out through the ticketing system or through your sales representative for additional support.