HIL Built for Electric Vehicles and e-Mobility


Our Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) solution was tailor-built for the design and testing of power electronics controllers for Electric Vehicles (EV), e-Mobility, and power converters. HIL solutions for EV drivetrains, electric vehicle stationary equipment (EVSE) such as fast DC chargers, on-board vehicle chargers, DC/DC converters, hybrid drivetrains, batteries, and fuel cells… – we have done it all. All applications of e-Mobility, for thingies that drive, swim and fly. Unleash the Typhoon HIL Advantage to test, design, verify and validate (V&V) your automotive control software.

In addition, Typhoon’s signal-level HIL solution seamlessly supports ASAM XIL standard for the communication between test automation tools and our HIL simulators. This enables our HIL to be plug-and-play with 3rd party test automation software and system level HIL test benches.

Validate EVSE Charging Communication Protocols for Energy Management Systems using HIL

The Typhoon HIL Advantage

  HIL built for power electronics.

  • Ultra-high fidelity power converter and machine models.
  • 200 ns time step w/ 3.5ns resolution.
  • DCDC converters simulated at 25ns time step
  • Most advanced MOSFET/IGBT loss/thermal models.
  • High-fidelity electric motor models: spatial harmonic & nonlinear, fault injection, loss/thermal modeling.
  • 300 kHz switching frequency DC/DC converter models (resonant & PWM).
The only vertically integrated HIL.

  • One click software install & update.
  • Intuitive & easy to use schematic, from MIL/SIL to C-HIL in one breath.
  • Flexible and easily configurable simulation runtime interactive UI.
  • No 3rd party software tools needed.
  • Compact encapsulated models from design all the way to test automation.
  • Full backward model compatibility.
  • “HIL in a day” promise.
True plug and play HIL solution.

  • Direct model import from: JMAG FEA, Matlab/Simulink, FMI/FMU, C, PSIM.
  • XIL-ASAM compliant API.
  • Compatible with 3rd party test tools: ECUTest, NI Veristand, EXAM, PyTest.
  • Compatible with existing HIL hardware infrastructure: dSPACE, NI, Custom solutions.

Typhoon HIL Applications in the
Control Design Workflow

Our ultra-high fidelity HIL platform was tailored made for control designers and for verification and validation (V&V). Our system is designed to be used in all phases of control software design and testing:

  1. Control development stage: the early stage of control design – both SIL and C-HIL testing.
  2. Automated converter controller testing: late-stage controller V&V.
  3. System integration stage: system-level software integration V&V.
  4. Interoperability testing: e.g., interoperability between EVSE and EV’s.

Increase your performance when simulating, testing, and emulating every aspect of power electronics in modern cars. ISO26262 „Road vehicles – Functional safety” defines Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) as a standard tool for the development and testing of safety-critical automotive software. Our vertically integrated HW/SW, high model fidelity, model compactness, compatibility with other design and testing tools makes Typhoon HIL the perfect HIL choice, either standalone or interfaced with existing system-level simulators. Our compatibility with motor design tools (e.g. JMAG), control development tools (e.g. Matlab/Simulink), and other test automation tools (e.g. ECUTest) enables seamless workflow.


Control Design

HIL for Electric Drivetrain


  • Unleash ultra-high fidelity full switching power converter models w/ down to 200 ns real-time simulation step and 3.5 ns digital input oversampling to enable unparalleled precision.
  • Simulate next-generation drive train with low-bandgap semiconductor switches (SiC, GaN) and PWM frequencies exceeding 300 kHz.
  • Simulate (MOSFET and IGBT) losses in real-time with calculations for every semiconductor switching transition.
  • Visualize/measure/record all signals with high-resolution scope/capture including switch transitions with resolution down to 200 ns.
  • Drag and drop components from the library: from 2-level and 3-level converters to flying capacitor and multi-level topologies.
  • Deploy true high-fidelity electric machine models that include saturation effects and spatial harmonics running down to 200 ns time-step with run-time machine fault injection.
  • Import machine parameters directly from FEM tools like JMAG.
  • Simulate electric machine with coupled thermal models.
  • Simulate multiphase machines with 3, 6, 9, or more phases.
  • Machine models natively support accurate position/encoder feedback.

Typhoon HIL devices are very easy to use, have great technical support, and in all relevant parameters, they completely satisfy our needs for HIL testing and automatic verification of control systems for our largest dump truck’s diesel-electric drive system.

Christian Engst
Control and SoftwareDesign Engineer
Liebherr-Components Biberach GmBh

HIL for Onboard Chargers


  • Simulate your DC/DC power converters switching at 300+ kHz: Dual Active Bridge (DAB), LLC resonant full-bridge (LLC FB), and LLC resonant half-bridge (LLC HB) converters and more.
  • Easily simulate parallel configurations and multiple DC/DC converters.
  • Simulate CAN bus communications in your HIL with one click.
  • Use the high-resolution scope/capture to observe/measure/record every signal, every switch transition in full resolution down to 200 ns.
  • Simulate with high-precision switch losses (conduction and switching) and thermal models.
  • Use DC/DC HIL models for vehicle software integration tests.

HIL for Electric Vehicle Stationary Equipment (EVSE)


  • Develop and test Electric Vehicle Stationary Equipment (EVSE) power electronics controller with high-fidelity converter models.
  • Develop and test Stationary Equipment Communication Controller (SECC) and validate communication interoperability.
  • Use high-fidelity HIL models of EV to test your EVSE.
  • Deploy P-HIL to test interoperability with different EVs.

Use case: EVSE converter controller design, testing, test automation


HIL was used from early verification and validation (V&V) all the way to control software lifecycle maintenance for over-the-air (OTA) updates.

  • Simulate 3-phase 3-level active front end inverter switching at 50kHz.
  • Test controller against faults and grid disturbances.
  • Simulate Dual Active Bridge (DAB).
  • Verify DAB controller performance.
  • Simulate EV communications and EV BESS.

HIL for Battery Management System Testing


  • With the scalable Typhoon HIL architecture, you can simulate batteries on the cell level even with hundreds of cells.
  • Simulate lithium-ion (Li-ion), nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), or self-defined batteries.
  • Perform high-fidelity simulations of current spikes and voltage drops.
  • Create testing setups for low voltage battery setups with 24 V or 48 V; or high voltage batteries with 1000 V or more.
  • Accurate shunt simulation measurements can be included.

Due to the early porting of the controller algorithm to the corresponding real hardware, many problems, especially in the configuration of the control hardware, can be solved before system integration. This brings considerable advantages in terms of development time and costs.

Dr. Roland Greul
BU Electrification and Racing Test Systems
AVL List, Graz, Österreich

HIL for Electric HVAC Systems


  • Test control software for auxiliary electrified systems.
  • Simulate next-generation electric motor driven compressors.
  • Model variable-speed compressor drive in HIL as well as mechanical loads and coupled thermal loops.
  • Deploy HIL to develop and test control for Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems, the next-generation Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for pure e-Mobility.

We love how easy it is to make changes to the model and how quickly you can compile a model with Typhoon HIL.

Ing. Ryota Kitamoto
R&D Engineer


Validation and Verification

Test automation with HIL


  • Automate all the control software testing on your C-HIL platform: from ECU software testing to vehicle software integration.
  • Use TyphoonTest IDE to easily write Python and PyTest based tests for your controller under test.
  • TyTest library is supported by TyphoonTest IDE and makes test automation a simple and efficient task.
  • Use the intuitive graphical user interface to create tests and define test steps. Run tests with a click of a button; follow the progress in run-time.
  • Use 3rd party test design and management tools (e.g. ECUTest, Exam, TestStand) that seamlessly interface with HIL via our ASAM XIL-MA compliant API.


Continuous Integration (CI) and Validation


  • Enable Continuous Integration validation for all your control software and firmware.
  • Manage tests, deploy tests, and access reports in the cloud.
  • Integrated HIL testbeds with test management software, test automation server, and project management.
  • Data and graphic-rich test reports in Allure integrated with cloud-based project management.



Interoperability Testing

EVSE Interoperability Testing


Charging Interface and Standards Solutions.

  • Models of EV’s and EVSE optimized for ultra high-fidelity real-time simulations.
  • Rich library of automated tests to provide constant 24/7 testing with clear reports and results.
  • Test for existing standards (CCS, ISO 15118-2, IEC61851-1, J1772, IEC 62196, and more).


EV Interoperability Testing


  • EV Interoperability testing with your HIL Compatible model of the EVSE w/ power amplifier.
  • Models of EVs optimized for ultra high-fidelity real-time simulations.
  • Rich library of automated tests and graphics/data-rich reports.
  • Test for existing standards (CCS, ISO 15118-2, IEC61851-1, J1772, IEC 62196, and more).