EV Charging Stations

Improving your charging station testing experience

An influx of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) are popping up all around the world. This enables people to charge their EVs from wherever they are. But as more people look for more powerful and faster charging experiences, it becomes increasingly important to find new and improved ways to test and validate the charging stations and ensure they are safe. 

Illustration of the system under test, Typhoon HIL e-Mobility testbed and Typhoon HIL Control Center with OCPP integrated with Typhoon API (python).

Typhoon HIL offers a cutting-edge simulated solution that makes it easy to test your charging station with your EV to ensure everything works together safely and efficiently. Our high-fidelity platform streamlines the process to help you optimize your charging station testing experience.  

Typhoon HIL benefits include: 

  • Our solution works with a variety of global standards 
  • We make sure your equipment and power supply are configured to work together safely and efficiently 
  • Trouble shoot and address any potential safety hazards in the virtual space 
  • Leverage our interoperability to improve your testing processes 

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May 10, 2023

Power HIL Testing of Fast Charging Infrastructure | Fraunhofer ISE

In this video, learn more about the DC fast charing Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (P-HIL) testing infrastructure at the Fraunhofer ISE Digital Grid Lab. Hear first-hand from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Wille- Haussmann on how electric vehicles supply equipment (EVSE) is being tested in real-time simulation using HIL.