Overview of the categories covered in the Typhoon HIL Software Manual

The purpose of the Typhoon HIL Software Manual is to provide you with a detailed description of all features available in the Typhoon HIL software suite of tools, including Schematic Editor, HIL SCADA, and TyphoonTest IDE, which are all integrated into our Typhoon HIL Control Center application. The first three sections highlight important information regarding Typhoon HIL software. System Requirements outlines the PC hardware and software environment necessary to run Typhoon HIL Control Center. Typhoon HIL Toolboxes has information on the free and paid software toolboxes that enhance the capabilities of Typhoon HIL Control Center. Lastly, Connecting to your HIL device outlines the procedure for connecting to HIL devices depending on your operating system.

Each other part of the Typhoon HIL Software Manual is focused on a particular software tool in the toolchain: