Library explorer

This section describes library explorer

Library explorer panel contains components (in the form of a component tree view) which can be inserted in the schematic diagram. Schematic components are grouped into categories. To make finding components easier, a search edit field is provided, accompanied with tree functions which allow you to collapse, expand and sort category names. For detailed information on the elements available in Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor Library please refer to the Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor Library section.

To add a new component to the schematic diagram, press and hold the left mouse button on the desired component name in the component tree, drag it to the schematic diagram (scene) and release the left mouse button over the desired position to place the component on the diagram (Figure 1). This is actually a drag-and-drop operation. The action of adding a component can be cancelled by pressing the Esc keyboard key.

Double clicking on the component label (in the schematic diagram) opens a dialog for changing the name of the component (Figure 2). Also, name can be set to be not visible (Figure 3).

Figure 1: Process of adding a component to the diagram

Figure 2: Component name dialog

Figure 3: Context menu