Execution rate visualization

This section describes execution rate visualization

Execution rate visualization provides functionality to visually distinguish parts of schematic (signal processing parts of schematic) at different execution rates.

There are two types of visualization (which can be enabled separately or both at the same time):

  • Visualization using color

    Parts of schematic (signal processing items and connections) at the same execution rate will be highlighted with the same color. To see which color represents some concrete execution rate, activate execution rate legend dialog using F6 shortcut.

Note: Components which have mixed execution rates, that is, either terminals or child items (in case of subsystem components) are not at the same execution rate, will be visualized as multi rate and their color will be orange
  • Visualization using terminal labels

    Execution rate labels visualize execution rate by showing labels at signal processing component out terminals (where connections starts). Label content is not actual execution rate number, but shortcut which can be mapped to actual execution rate using Execution rate legend dialog (F6 keyboard shortcut).

To activate specific execution rate visualization select Model -> Visualize execution rate and then specific action. Also, these actions can be reached from schematic context menu (Using mouse right click over schematic empty area).

To refresh execution rate visualization you can use Refresh schematic action from schematic context menu. Also, visualization is refreshed (if it’s active by compiling schematic).