Typhoon HIL Control Center

This section provides a general description of Typhoon HIL Control Center and lists the main software components accessible from it, as well as additional software tools which can be invoked from its interface.

Note: An interactive overview of the concepts and/or capabilities described here are available as part of the HIL Specialist 2.0 certification program on HIL Academy, as well as in the video Knowledgebase.

The Typhoon HIL Control Center integrates all the standard software components. The Welcome screen (Figure 1) opens on the application startup, containing shortcuts to all standard toolchain components. Each tool started from the Typhoon HIL Control Center will be shown in an independent window.

Figure 1. Typhoon HIL Control Center welcome screen

The Welcome screen contains links to the following tools:

  1. Schematic Editor

By clicking on the Additional tools button you will show/hide links from which you can start all other tools. These tools can also be started using appropriate shortcuts which are created during software installation (in the Start menu, Typhoon HIL Control Center-> Tools subsection).

In the upper left corner, you will find the button () that opens the small Hardware Info panel whose purpose is to show information about all connected HIL devices (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Hardware Info panel

Also, another button () is visible in the same place when an update is available. By clicking on it, the Update Notification panel will be shown (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Update Notification panel
In the right upper corner you can find the () button which opens the Example Explorer (Figure 4) with a searchable list of available examples that come with the Typhoon HIL Control Center installation.
Figure 3. Example Explorer

After Examples Hub, you can find the () button which opens the Documentation Hub (Figure 5) with a searchable list of available documentation that come with the Typhoon HIL Control Center installation.

Figure 5. Documentation Hub
Next to the Documentation Hub button the license info button () is located which opens the License Information Panel (Figure 6). In this panel all License related information is located, including information about the Toolbox licenses.
Figure 6. License Information Panel
Note: Each time you start the Typhoon HIL Control Center, the License Information Panel will check if a new license is available and update it if necessary.
Note: It is possible to define a global license which will be shared among all users on a given PC. To do this on the Windows platform, create the following folder structure on your operating system drive root: .typhoon_hil\license\ (example: C:\.typhoon_hil\license) and place the license file into that license folder. On Linux, the global license folder is defined as TYPHOON_LICENSE_DIR/license where TYPHOON_LICENSE_DIR is the environment variable. This global license will always take priority over the license in the user folder. To stop using the global license, just delete the folder structure of the global license.