Lookup table extraction tool

Description of the Typhoon HIL Control Center tool for extracting characteristics (lookup tables) from datasheet graphs and charts into a format that can be imported by non-linear models.

The Lookup table extraction tool is accessible from Typhoon HIL Control Center.

The main purpose of this tool is to extract data from datasheets and other technical notes in json, csv, or a Python list format, which can then be imported as non-linear characteristics in the software.

It is especially useful for defining characteristics of Nonlinear inductors, voltage drop on switches and diodes, and power loss calculation properties, to name a few examples.

Figure 1. Lookup table extraction tool interface

The numbered areas with a red border (Figure 1) are as follows:

  1. Lookup table - Menus and toolbar
  2. Lookup table - Chart area
  3. Lookup table - Preview
  4. Lookup table - Line index selector
  5. Lookup table - Axis setup form