Package Manager

Description of the Typhoon HIL Control Center tool for creating and managing Typhoon packages that contain Schematic examples, Schematic and widget libraries, documentation etc.

Package Manager is accessible from Typhoon HIL Control Center.

The main purpose of this tool is to provide a mechanism for downloading and creating packages and examples, installing given packages, and managing installed packages (uninstall, reinstall, view documentation, etc.).

Packages are especially useful for wrapping examples, tests, libraries, resources, and python packages via an automated installation. Both examples and packages have support for documentation.

Figure 1. Package Manager interface

The numbered areas with a red border (Figure 1) are as follows:

  1. Installed packages/Package Marketplace tabs
  2. Package search
  3. Packages list
  4. Open documentation button
  5. Package Python environments
  6. Package actions dropdown
  7. Package info
  8. Package actions
  9. Package version dropdown
  10. Package description