Test and Calibration Tool

This section describes test and calibration tool

The Test and Calibration Tool performs an automated calibration of the HIL 6-series analog IO section. In addition, it checks for problems in the entire device interface: analog and digital IO sections, including externally available power supply levels. Both test and calibration procedures are fully automated. A valid license is required in order to run the tool.

Click on Test button runs only the IO test procedure.

Figure 1: Test done – IO passed but calibration is recommended

Click on Test and calibrate button runs:

  1. IO test procedure
  2. Calibration procedure
  3. Verification procedure

Figure 2: Calibration done – all analog IO channels are within tolerance

Important: Before running the Test and Calibration Tool make sure that all other Typhoon HIL applications are closed.
Important: Before running the test or calibration procedure make sure that a HIL Calibration Card is properly inserted into your device.