Test and Calibration Tool

Description of the Test and Calibration tool in Typhoon HIL Control Center

The Test and Calibration Tool performs an automated calibration of the analog IO section of HIL 4 and HIL 6-series devices (except HIL603 where only manual calibration is possible). In addition, it checks for problems in the entire device interface; analog and digital IO sections, including externally available power supply levels, are validated. Both test and calibration procedures are fully automated. A valid license is required in order to run the tool.

Clicking on the Test button runs only the IO test procedure.

Figure 1: Test done – IO passed but calibration is recommended

Click on Test and calibrate button runs:

  1. IO test procedure
  2. Calibration procedure
  3. Verification procedure

Figure 2: Calibration done – all analog IO channels are within tolerance

Important: Before running the Test and Calibration Tool make sure that all other Typhoon HIL applications are closed.
Important: Before running the test or calibration procedure make sure that a HIL Calibration Card is properly inserted into your device.