Typhoon HIL Toolboxes

List of the Toolbox Packages available in the Typhoon HIL software suite

Typhoon HIL Control Center includes a wide variety of pre-built component models and features to help you build your project quickly. A large amount of these component models are available for free directly through the Library Explorer in Schematic Editor.

There are also several commercial Toolboxes available that include advanced component models and features that enhance the capabilities of Typhoon HIL Control Center. Access to these models and features is tied to your software license. Toolboxes can either be added individually to your software license, or included as part of a sales package.

Table 1 shows which Toolboxes are available with which sales package. Follow the links in the table for each Toolbox to see which Schematic Editor Components are available within that Toolbox, if applicable. Contact our sales team if you are interested in any or all of these Toolboxes for your software license.

Table 1. Typhoon HIL Toolbox Packages
  Toolbox Packages
Toolboxes Basic Communication Expert Power Electronics Microgrid Premium
Basic Schematic Editor Libraries X       X
Virtual HIL X       X
Modbus Protocol   X     X
IEC61850 Protocols   X     X
C37.118 Protocol   X     X
Ethernet Variable Exchange   X     X
SFP Simulation Link   X     X
CAN bus   X     X
DNP3 Protocol   X     X
EtherCAT Protocol   X     X
PROFINET Protocol   X     X
Power Loss Calculation     X   X
SIL Support     X   X
Nonlinear Machines     X   X
TyphoonTest     X   X
Microgrid       X X
Power Systems       X X

Within the Schematic Editor tool, component models that are associated with a Toolbox that you do not have access to will typically appear grayed out in the Library Explorer menu. This may also apply to specific control options within a component (such as saturation capabilities for nonlinear machines).