IEC61850 Protocols Toolbox

Background on the Schematic Editor components available through the IEC61850 Protocols Toolbox

The IEC61850 Protocols Toolbox is an additional toolbox that contains components that mimic the communication layers in IEC61850 applications. By simulating the communication layer of your high-fidelity model, you can minimize the risk of related issues during the deployment phase.

Table 1 lists the different types of IEC61850 Protocols that are supported by Schematic Editor components. By accessing the link for each Protocol Type, you can access the complete list of components available for that protocol implementation, as well as some background on how that protocol is implemented.

All of the referenced components are available through unlocking the IEC61850 Protocols Toolbox. To check the models available in another toolbox, please refer to the Schematic Editor Toolboxes documentation.

Table 1. IEC61850 Protocols Toolbox Components
Protocol Type Schematic Editor Library
IEC 61850 GOOSE protocol Library Explorer: Communication/IEC 61850/GOOSE/
IEC 61850 Sampled Values protocol Library Explorer: Communication/IEC 61850/Sampled Values/
IEC 61850 MMS Protocol Library Explorer: Communication/IEC 61850/MMS/