Basic Schematic Editor libraries

Description of the basic libraries available in Schematic Editor

Typhoon HIL Control Center includes hundreds of pre-built, ultra-high fidelity models to help you create your system. You can parameterize each of these components and define real-world inputs right in the software or by using a Python API. These models are designed to let you perform true Rapid Control Prototyping, by letting you compile your model fast and run your model in real time. You can find out more about all the Components available by checking our Schematic Editor Component Libraries documentation (Figure 1).

While most of these Typhoon components and functionalities are available for free in Typhoon HIL Control Center when you connect with a Virtual HIL license, some components and functionalities require licenses for a particular toolbox to access. To check the models available in another toolbox, please refer to the Schematic Editor Toolboxes documentation.

You can also contact our sales team directly with any questions regarding what would be the right software package for your applications.

Figure 1. Example of Schematic Editor Libraries