Schematic Editor

Introduction to the Schematic Editor tool in Typhoon HIL Control Center

Note: An interactive overview of the concepts and/or capabilities described here are available as part of the HIL Specialist 2.0 certification program on HIL Academy, as well as in the video Knowledgebase.

The Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor (henceforth referred to as Schematic Editor) is intended to support a number of components and power electronics blocks that can be used as building blocks for modeling power electronics systems in real-time on HIL40x/60x hardware platforms.

Figure 1. Schematic Editor Interface

The numbered areas with a red border (Figure 1) are as follows:

  1. Schematic Editor menus and toolbar
  2. Library Explorer
  3. Schematic Editor scene
  4. Compilation status dock
  5. Undo/redo history window

For detailed information about the Schematic Editor Library please refer to the Schematic Editor Component Libraries section.