C code export

This section describes C code export option.

Note: C code export is still in beta phase.

C code export provides an option to export a subset of a schematic model into C code. To export a C code from the selected subset, choose Model → C code export (beta), and select folder where the code should be exported.

C code will be exported successfully if following requirements are met:

  • At least one component is selected for the export.
  • Set of selected components does not contain electric components.

If at least one of the requirements from above is not met, an error message will be shown in Schematic's console.

During the export process, C code exporter will calculate input and output interfaces to the selection. These interfaces are available as ExtIn (input interface) and ExtOut (output interface) structures in generated C code.

Note: Components SCADA Input, SCADA Output, Probe and Digital Probeare handled in a special way. If SCADA Input is part of selected components for C code export, it will be generated as a part of an input interface. Components SCADA Output, Probe and Digital Probe will be generated as a part of an output interface, if present in selection.