Subsystem elements

This section describes subsystem elements

Subsystem components can be used for storing multiple schematic elements in an independent block either for the purpose of simplifying complex schematics or when there is a logical separation between elements. A Subsystem component can be created by placing an empty subsystem (preloaded with two electrical ports) from the Library (System -> Subsystem) in the schematic. Port components (Ports -> Electrical port, Signal input port, Signal output port) are used to connect internal subsystem elements to the outside schematic. For every port which is added, a corresponding terminal is created in the outer subsystem element. Port settings can be tweaked using Port settings dialog, which can be accessed by double-clicking the port element.

Another way to create a Subsystem component is to select a part of the schematic and perform the Create subsystem from selection action, either by choosing it from the Edit menu or by right-clicking selected elements. A subsystem will be automatically created with all selected elements inside and with all the required ports.