Description of the collection of the Subsystem component in Schematic Editor.

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Subsystem components can be used for storing multiple schematic elements in an independent block either for the purpose of simplifying complex schematics or when there is a logical separation between elements. Inputs and outputs from Subsystems are managed by Port components.

A Subsystem component can be created by placing an empty subsystem (preloaded with two electrical ports) from the Library (System -> Subsystem) in the schematic.

Another way to create a subsystem component is to select a part of the schematic and perform the Create subsystem from selection action, either by choosing it from the Edit menu or by right-clicking selected elements. A subsystem will be automatically created with all selected elements inside and with all the required ports.

For more information on how to use subsystems to simplify models as part of a multi-level modeling approach, please refer to the Subsystem elements page.