Electrical Bus

Description of the Electrical Bus component in Schematic Editor, which allows the creation of a multidimensional terminal from a set of unidimensional terminals.

Component Icon

Figure 1. Electrical Bus icon


The Electrical Bus component creates a multidimensional terminal named multi_dim from a specified number of unidimensional terminals, in order (t1, t2, t3tn). As an analogy, the Connection entity connected to multi_dim can be thought of as a cable with multiple wires.

The size of the bus and consequent number of terminals is defined by the bus_size property.

The Electric Bus component may be used in conjunction with the Electrical component vectorization feature to create a Single-line diagram representation of the schematic.


  • t1, t2 … tn
    • Electrical terminals of dimension 1.
  • multi_dim
    • Electrical terminal of dimension n = bus_size.


  • Bus size:
    • Size of the created bus.