Transmission lines

This section describes the general properties of all transmission line components in Typhoon HIL's Schematic Editor. There are currently 3 different transmission line components in Schematic Editor.

RL Section, Transmission Line and Underground Cable components form the Transmission lines group (TLs). They are modeled with resistances, inductances and capacitances. The RL section is composed of a branch containing a resistor and an inductor in series, where the number of branches is equal to the number of phases selected. Both the Transmission Line and Underground Cable can be implemented as either a π-model or RL coupled model. Both models are composed of a branch containing a resistor, inductor, CCVS and VCVS (voltage sources model coupling between phases) The π-model takes into account phase to ground capacitance, while the RL coupled model does not. For short lines the effect of the capacitances is small and they can be neglected, for medium lines, their effect is important and they need to be considered.

The current version of Schematic Editor offers a selection of the following types of transmission line components:

RL section

Transmission line

Underground cable

Single phase Bergeron line

Three phase Bergeron line