This section describes the general properties of all transformer components in Typhoon HIL's Schematic Editor, such as an ideal transformer, a single-phase three winding transformer, a three-phase four winding transformer, etc. There are currently 9 different transformer components in Schematic Editor.

There are eight transformers available in the library: single phase ideal transformer, single phase ideal transformer with variable transfer ration, single and three phase two winding transformers (one secondary winding), single and three phase three winding transformers (two secondary windings), single and three phase four winding transformers (three secondary windings).

Core model

Modeling of transformer core is available for all transformers in the library. Transformer core model can be selected by the Core model combo. Table 1 shows mask properties and primary side of the transformer for all available core models. If Non-Linear is selected in Core model property, core saturation is modeled as a nonlinear magnetizing inductance on primary side of the transformer. If Linear is selected in Core model property, core is modeled as a linear magnetizing inductance on primary side of the thansformer. If Lm/Rm neglected is selected in Core model property, magnetizing inductance and resistance will be neglected.

Table 1. Core model property in transformers
Core model Properties window Primary side



Lm/Rm neglected

The current version of Schematic Editor offers a selection of the following types of transformer components:

Ideal transformer

Ideal transformer with variable transfer ratio

Phase-shifting Transformer

Single phase two winding transformer

Single phase three winding transformer

Single phase four winding transformer

Three phase two winding transformer

Three phase three winding transformer

Three phase four winding transformer

Single phase multi-winding transformer

Additional information on calculation of equivalent circuit parameter values is contained in a separate section.