This section describes the general properties of all contactor components in Typhoon HIL's Schematic Editor. There are currently 2 different contactor components in Schematic Editor.

Contactor input parameter configuration enables the user to assign contactor control input to any of the digital input pins on the HIL hardware (i.e. from 1 to 32). For example, if Sa is assigned to 1, the digital input pin 1 will be assigned to control contactor switch state. In addition, the gate_logic parameter selects either active high (High-level input voltage VIH turns on the switch), or active low (Low-level input voltage VIL turns on the switch) gate drive logic, depending on the user’s external controller design. Contactors can also be software controlled by the simulation controller. If the software control is enabled, the HIL simulator disregards the digital input signal, turn on/off delays and switching mode and only uses the software command to set the contactor state.

The current version of Schematic Editor offers a selection of the following types of contactor components: