Lookup table - Preview

Overview of the Lookup table preview and how you can interact with it.

The Lookup table preview is a panel containing a preview of the results of the Lookup table extraction tool. Also, this panel contains actions for data exporting in various formats. Data is shown in table format with two columns (x and y). At the bottom of the panel, there are actions for exporting data in various formats.

Figure 1. Lookup table preview Interface

There are three different export formats currently available:

  • CSV - Exports multiple files, one for each line, in CSV format
  • CSV (unified) - Exports single CSV file, with unified x axis
  • JSON - Exports one file containing all data, in JSON format
  • PY - Exports multiple files, one for each line, in the format of a Python list
  • PY (unified) - Exports single PY file, with unified x axis

The last two are especially useful if you want to use it in some property of a component or feature within Typhoon HIL software which expects a Python list.