HIL SCADA Command-line Options

This section describes options for starting HIL SCADA from command line

The HIL SCADA application can also be started from the command line. This is useful for preparing the systems and automatically setting up the simulation with the SCADA panels and settings for end-users without exposing them to HIL SCADA details.

The following options are available:
usage: typhoon_hil hs [--model CPD_FILE] [--settings RUNX_FILE]
                      [--fullscreen] [--panel CUS_FILE] [--start]

optional arguments:
  --settings RUNX_FILE  Load specified model settings file (*.runx)
  --fullscreen          Run HIL SCADA tool in the full screen
  --panel CUS_FILE      Load specified HIL SCADA Panel file (*.cus)
  --start               Start simulation

required arguments:
  --model CPD_FILE      Load specified model file (*.cpd)

The "hs" option stands for "HIL SCADA".

For instance, to start HIL SCADA with a given compiled cpd model, settings file and panel and automatically start the simulation in full screen:
typhoon_hil hs --model "C:\Users\me\project\model Target files\model.cpd" --panel "C:\Users\me\project\model.cus" --settings "C:\Users\me\project\settings.runx" --start --fullscreen

If for some reason you don't have typhoon_hil in path by default, you can execute commands directly on the Typhoon HIL Control Center executable. For example:

C:\>cd "C:\Program Files\Typhoon HIL Control Center 2019.4\"
C:\Program Files\Typhoon HIL Control Center 2019.4>typhoon_hil.exe hs <<commands>>