Capture/Scope Widget

This section describes capture/scope widget

Capture/Scope is a special monitoring widget that enables you to easily capture the desired signals or to use embedded scope to continually observe signals directly from the connected HIL device.

It has two modes:

  1. Embedded mode (Figure 1)
  2. Window mode (Figure 2 and Figure 3)

Figure 1: Embedded mode of Capture/Scope widget

Figure 2: Window mode-closed

Figure 3: Window mode-open

In the embedded mode, the widget can be moved and resized and the widget is available from HIL SCADA Panel as all other widgets.

The window mode has two possible configurations: open and closed. When Capture/Scope widget is closed (Figure 2), the widget can be moved but it cannot be resized. On double-click, Capture/Scope is opened in a new window (Figure 3).