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Typhoon HIL Control Center

The Typhoon HIL Control Center (THCC) is our flagship software tool that serves as the central hub for our tools used to configure, control, and monitor Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations and experiments. It is designed to work in conjunction with our real-time simulators and other associated hardware devices.

Some of the key features of the Typhoon HIL Control Center are:

  • Model and Library Development: Real-time ready model development provides tools and functionalities for importing and building simulation models, creating custom models, and integrating them into the simulation environment.
  • Simulation Control: The Control Center allows users to set up the simulation environment, including defining the hardware interfaces, configuring I/O channels, and specifying simulation parameters.
  • Real-Time Interaction: The Control Center facilitates real-time interaction with the simulation, allowing users to monitor and control the system behavior, modify inputs, and observe the response in real time.
  • Test Automation and Test Case Management: Users can define and manage different test cases or scenarios, specifying the inputs, stimuli, and expected outputs for the simulation. Automating simulation runs, running batch simulations, and scripting actions to streamline the simulation workflow has never been so seamless.
  • Data Visualization: THCC offers capabilities to help users interpret simulation results, plot waveforms, generate reports, and perform post-simulation analysis.

Meet the Typhoon HIL Control Center

and share your platform models, libraries and plug-ins.

Schematic Editor

Intended to support a number of components and blocks, our tool can be used as building blocks for modeling your power electronics systems in real-time.

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Manage all of your SCADA model interfaces in one place including making dedicated widgets for frequently used components.

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TyphoonTest  IDE 

Use TyphoonTest IDE to write, configure, and run your tests and track their execution.

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What Typhoon HIL is providing us is extremely important. The design of the powertrain, motor, battery system, and software has to be completely safe. It is only through simulation that we can get the best design before the re-life testing.

André Borschberg

Pilot of Solar Impulse, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of H55.