HIL Simulator

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Typhoon HIL simulators are best-in-class hardware devices that can support all your needs for testing and validation of power electronic controllers. Our current product offerings provide you with a cost-effective and efficient way to start developing and testing controllers before hardware is even available, to start testing early and to test continuously, to optimize control algorithms, to streamline lifecycle maintenance of controller software, to enable continuous integration-continuous deployment (Ci/CD) and ensure the interoperability and safety of systems before deployment in real-world applications.

Paired with our software toolchain, Typhoon HIL Control Center (THCC), we provide a seamlessly integrated monolithic solution for HIL simulation. Forget about interoperability issues and set-up headaches with our virtually integrated software and hardware you to focus your attention on testing and not on setting up the test system. Connect with a Typhoon HIL representative for a complimentary discussion to learn more about how we can support your design, testing, and validation needs.

Fidelity. Speed. Portability.


Isometric, line drawing of the HIL404 with all the connectors.

Our HIL404 delivers the unprecedented model fidelity needed for the most advanced motor drives and automotive power electronics applications. By leveraging the ultra-high fidelity and ease-of-use of the existing Typhoon HIL solutions, and by bringing the extra speed to the table, the HIL404 makes the HIL testing methodology truly applicable for the emerging high frequency power conversion applications.

Isometric, line drawing of the HIL404 with all the connectors.
Integration. Scalability. Versatility.


Isometric, line drawing of the HIL604 with all the connectors.

Our HIL604 processor sets the industry standard for ultra-low-latency, ultra high-fidelity, real-time emulation of power electronics enabled power systems. Engineers love powerful, easy-to-use, Python-based, application software that integrates seamlessly with processors, is scalable, and versatile. Reach new heights of your engineering excellence with the latest in the trailblazing HIL operating system.

Isometric, line drawing of the HIL604 with all the connectors.
Speed. Power. Flexibility.


Isometric, line drawing of the HIL606 with all connectors.

Our HIL606 is our top-of-the-line product which encompasses the best features from our entry level devices together with our mid-tier devices providing the perfect balance of speed, power, and flexibility to integrate and scale seamlessly. With these unique connectivity options, your controller won’t know the difference between your test models and the devices in the field, no matter your use case.

Isometric, line drawing of the HIL606 with all connectors.
HIL Simulators​ HIL404 (4th gen) HIL604 (3rd gen) HIL606 (4th gen)
Detailed converter models (1ph/3ph) 8/4 16/8 16/8
 Average converter models (3ph)  12 10 24
Distribution network simulation
Minimum simulation timestep 200ns (25ns for DC-DC) 500ns 200ns (25ns for DC-DC)
DI sampling resolution 3.5ns 6.2ns 3.5ns
Analog I/O (per unit) 16/16 32/64 32/64
Digital I/O (per unit) 32/32 64/64 64/64
Connectivity / USB
Connectivity / Ethernet
Connectivity / CAN
Connectivity / RS232
Connectivity / EtherCAT
Connectivity / SFP
Time synchronization (PPS and IRIG-B) 
Paralleling Up to 4 units Up to 16 units Up to 16 units
Jul 30, 2021

Typhoon HIL Introducing 4th Generation Flagship – the HIL606.

Now you have the speed you love from our latest 4th generation devices together with the power of our 6-series, 8-core processors, balanced with the flexibility you require to connect to the devices you need.