HIL Compatible

The new grid is all about software.

Software-driven power electronics converters increasingly influence modern power systems. They make the power systems smarter, more dynamic, and complex. There are vast amount of challenges we face in this new era of grid digitalization such as achieving interoperability of all different devices, communication settings and testing, cyber-security, fault and emergency response and more. Typhoon HIL is addressing these challenges through adoption of Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation for complex systems integration enabled by HIL Compatible devices.

The guarantee for competent interoperability.

HIL Compatible refers to the compatibility or suitability of a device, component, or system to be integrated into a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing interface platform in minutes. With model-based-engineering methodology, this compatibility can encompass various aspects, including electrical connectivity, communication protocols, control interfaces, and data exchange, to name a few.

At Typhoon, HIL Compatible means that any OEM controller can be integrated in a HIL Testbed easily in minutes. This enables seamless integration for simulation and testing of your device in a controlled and realistic environment with unlimited testing coverage. This type of testing coverage ensures OEM and System Integrators the ability to:

  • De-risking projects at all stages: from vendor component validation, to operational support;
  • More competitive offering on the market
  • Trust in overall system performance through an increased test coverage, including faults.
  •  Shorter project delivery time
  • Very short response time
  • Lower overall cost of testing

In short, Typhoon HIL Compatible is an integration dream-come-true because it facilitates seamless integration of devices in various drives applications, renewables integration, energy storage systems, microgrids, utilities, and power plants.


Peace of mind from Typhoon HIL

Furthermore, every component tested on HIL is very close to become a HIL Compatible device, and as such can be provided to integrators for pre-validation of interoperability before physical implementation. The guaranteed interoperability adds confidence to all the stakeholders included in the process, and peace of mind facilitates trust, knowledge sharing, and cooperation.

If you are an OEM, HIL Compatible make it possible for:

  • Your customers to test applications
  • Your service engineers to test configurations
  • Your integrators to test interoperability
  • Your representatives to present your products
  • Your support team to perform customer trainings
  • Accredited labs for grid codes compliance testing and certification

Streamline your testing processes, ensure your peace of mind with HIL Compatible.

IHI Terrasun Solutions uses HIL to Deploy ESS Safely and Efficiently

“The Typhoon HIL Simulation hardware, software, and tools are extremely valuable for IHI Terrasun Solutions (IHI Terrasun) as they provide a means to quickly, safely, and cost effectively test Energy Storage Devices and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). IHI Terrasun can safely simulate failure cases on a Typhoon HIL System that would normally cause serious equipment damage on a real system and unsafe conditions for personnel. In using a Typhoon HIL Simulation System, IHI Terrasun can ensure through simulation and testing that our controls take the proper safety actions, log all of the data around the event, and report the situation to the appropriate people and entities.”

Jim Cleveland

Senior Controls and QA manager