ETAP is a full spectrum analytical engineering software specializing in the analysis, simulation, monitoring, control, optimization, and automation of electrical power systems. ETAP electrical engineering software offers the best and most comprehensive suite of integrated power system enterprise solution.

ETAP controllers can be designed and customized in ETAP then deployed to the ETAP microgrid controller hardware. The ETAP microgrid controller is plug-and-play-compatible with Typhoon via discoverability. With simple user interface and wizard-based configuration steps, ETAP’s controller can see all I/O signals exposed by Typhoon HIL. This allows point-and-click configuration which reduces time to configure I/O, tags, data slaves and masters.

ETAP offers an integrated model-driven solution to design, analyze, optimize, monitor and control microgrids. This solution mainly includes ETAP integrated software tool and ETAP microgrid controller. ETAP microgrid controller is based on a unique model-driven software development foundation that significantly simplifies the process of microgrid controller function development and testing. This feature allows to efficiently and inexpensively customize existing or develop new functions based on customer requirements.

ETAP microgrid controller provides different functions to efficiently and reliably operate microgrid in grid-connected and islanded modes and transition in between. Within ETAP software, microgrid controller digital twin is provided to fully evaluate the performance and fine tune settings of microgrid control system in design phase as well as sizing DERs specially energy storage to meet reliability and economical objectives.

Dr. Fabian Uriarte is the VP for the Microgrid, Cloud and Mobile systems at ETAP.  He is an expert in real-time simulation and software architecture.  He obtained his PhD in the area of parallel simulation of large-scale power system electromagnetic transients.  He has done research in microgrids ranging from shipboards to residential communities.  At ETAP he runs the team responsible for technologies implemented inside and outside ETAP’s microgrid controller hardware.

Dr. Hooman Ghaffarzadeh is a senior power engineer at ETAP, Irvine, CA, USA. He has over 8 years of experience in the area of control, design, and modeling of power electronics and power systems, including 5 years of academic research position and over 3 years of industrial experience developing primary and secondary controllers for power electronics and power system applications. Hooman’s areas of interests include power system protection, power system applications of power electronics, control and management of renewable and distributed energy resources, and control of power electronic converters. During his work at ETAP, he has focused on design and development of the ETAP Microgrid Control platform and development of control logics for the ETAP Microgrid Controller. Hooman is the test manager for the Microgrid Controller division at ETAP.

Dr. Mohammadreza Hatami is a Senior Power System Engineer in Microgrid, Cloud and Mobile division at Etap Inc. Currently, he works on the microgrid controller systems. He obtained his PhD from Washington State University.

Neetin Choudary is Power Engineer with ETAP where he works on Development of Microgrid Controllers, real-time hardware, Implementation of Electromagnetic Transients. He is the test manager and does various hardware and software testing for the upcoming products. He Holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Edwin Fonkwe is a Principal Engineer with Typhoon HIL Inc. where he works on modeling and testing of power electronics and microgrids. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Colonel Matt Baker, USMC (ret) is the director for microgrids and critical power at Typhoon HIL Inc. With a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, 28-years in the Marine Corps and microgrid project management experience, he brings an operational and energy oriented experience set to the Typhoon team. Matt’s focus at Typhoon is providing power electronic and control Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) solutions using Controller Hardware In the Loop (CHIL) technology.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Integrated Solution introduction
  • C-HIL Testbed description
  • uGrid Controller Description
  • Live Demo Grid Tied​ and Islanding


A head shot of Fabian Uriarte.
Dr. Fabian Uriarte
VP for the Microgrid, Cloud and Mobile systems
A head shot of Hooman Ghaffarzadeh.
Dr. Hooman Ghaffarzadeh
Senior Power Engineer
A head shot of Mohammadreza Hatami.
Dr. Mohammadreza Hatami
Senior Power System Engineer in Microgrid, Cloud and Mobile division
A head shot of Neetin Choudary.
Neetin Choudary
Power Engineer
A head shot of Dr. Edwin Fonkwe Fongang.
Dr. Edwin Fonkwe Fongang
Principal Engineer
Typhoon HIL
A head shot of Matt Baker.
Matt Baker
Director of Microgrids and Critical Power
Typhoon HIL