Battery Converters

Compatibility and reliability testing

Battery converters bridge the gap between renewable energy generation, energy storage, and the power grid. Their importance lies in their ability to manage energy flow efficiently, provide grid services, enhance power system stability, and enable the seamless integration of renewable and storage technologies into modern energy systems. As they play a crucial role in converting and controlling electrical signals, testing battery converters is essential to guarantee their functionality, safety, reliability, and performance within the broader context of power electronics systems and energy storage applications. 

Energy storage with solar panels and wind turbines in the background.

At Typhoon HIL, we provided testing and validating battery converters and their interaction with other system components in a controlled, repeatable, and realistic virtual environment. With our HIL testing, you and your teams can identify potential issues, verify control strategies, optimize performance, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of battery energy storage systems.  

Typhoon HIL helps you: 

  • Evaluate power electronics components, control algorithms, and real-time simulation models 
  • Verify various modes of operation, such as charging, discharging, and standby modes 
  • Measure and prevent electrical hazards, thermal issues, and other safety risks 
  • Control strategies for minimizing energy losses and maximizes overall system performance 
  • Reliably verify compliance with safety, efficiency, and emissions standards 
  • Compile grid codes so they respond appropriately to grid disturbances, and provides the required grid support services 

Ensure your systems are reliable, safe, and efficiently operation with Typhoon HIL. 

Jun 12, 2020

Microgrid Library Tutorial | Battery Inverter

In this tutorial we will show how to quickly use a battery inverter component from our growing microgrid library. You can easily add, test and tune single components from the microgrid library. And add them in your microgrid model to start running and testing your power system controls.