July 1, 2021

HIL606: 4th Gen Flagship for Complex Microgrids and E-mobility Applications


Today’s microgrid control solutions are faced with a challenge of controlling an ever-increasing number of DERs which individual actions needs to be tightly harmonized in order to achieve the desired operational goals and ensure stable system operation under all conditions. At the same time, such solutions should be easy to configure and commission. HIL validation platform able to provide detailed DER models and realistic fieldbus interfaces at a large-scale can play an important role in rapid deployment of such control solutions.

Driven by the ever-increasing need for higher power and better efficiency, eMobility power electronics applications continue to grow in complexity and size. Effective HIL validation of the complex control code behind the employed control schemes calls for flexible high fidelity plant models. They need to provide detailed component models combined with very high time resolution and often at a large scale.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Motivation behind the new HIL606 device
  • Challenges to Microgrid Controller Design and Testing
  • Application Demo 1: Microgrid control validation and DER interoperability
  • Key features of HIL606 and how technology trends inspired its design process
  • Application Demo 2: High-frequency converters in eMobility applications


A head shot of Dusan Majstorovic.
Dusan Majstorovic

Chief Technology Officer
Typhoon HIL

A head shot of Dusan Cohadzic.
Dusan Cohadzic

Modeling and Applications Engineer
Typhoon HIL

A head shot of David Dunnet.
David Dunnet

Head of Software Development
Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin

A head shot of Ioannis Arvanitis.
Ioannis Arvanitis

Senior Software Engineer
Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin


A head shot of Rados Petrovic.
Rados Petrovic

Senior Business Developer
Typhoon HIL

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