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Test-Driven Design: Digital Control of Grid-Tied Converters

December 17, 2019
Technology has matured to enable the integration of renewable generation into the electric grid. Consequently, power electronics will play a key role in the renovation of the existing electric network. Systems operators frequently update grid codes to ensure power quality and grid security. Consequently, power converter manufacturer have to design reliable products with reduced time-to-market in a competiti…
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Six different diagrams.

Advanced control of PV inverter under Grid Voltage Unbalance utilizing Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop technology (C-HIL)

August 8, 2019
A typical three-phase PV inverter is designed to operate under balanced grid voltage conditions. At low voltage distribution grid, beyond utility power meters, grid imbalance conditions can be often found. Under these circumstances, a typical three-phase PV inverter with conventional control exhibits poor performance resulting in potential loss of power, long term reliability issue due to power oscillations…
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HIL model created with Woodward Easygen Controller.

Microgrid HIL Testbed with Woodward easYgen Controller-in-the-Loop

May 31, 2018
In this webinar, we examine the most important control modes of the Woodward easYgen including frequency control, load control, and breaker management. We also show how remote breaker operator LS5 can enhance microgrid functionality; finally, we demonstrate how energy storage inverter can enhance genset operation especially during load swing and fault events. This webinar moderated by Edwin Fonkwe hosts sev…
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Aerial view of the microgrid 3D model.

Microgrid Control: Distributed Frequency Control of Inertia-Less AC Microgrids

September 25, 2017
This webinar discusses the problem of frequency regulation in islanded AC microgrids with no inertia, i.e., those consisting entirely of generators interfaced through power electronics. The control architecture we propose to achieve this is designed to drive the average frequency error to zero while ensuring that the frequency at every bus is equal and that the operating point that results is stable. We als…
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Illustration that explains SGC HIL Connect and Typhoon HIL connection.

Using Controller Hardware in the Loop to Implement SunSpec Protocols in the AIT Smart Grid Converter (SGC) Control Platform

The key element of the emerging Smart Grid is the smart converter. The key feature of the smart converter, on the other hand, is its ability to communicate and co-operate with other smart converters and SCADA systems. That is why SunSpec protocols for universal interoperability are becoming more and more important. In this webinar, you will see the true power and versatility of AIT’s SunSpec-compliant Smart…
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