Join Typhoon HIL with IHI Terrasun for a webinarĀ deep-dive discussion of their project usage and developments in energy storage space. Hear firsthand how Hardware-in the-Loop (HIL) design, testing, and validation has accelerated their time to market and project success.

Typhoon HIL’s modeling and testing solutions empower Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) integrators to validate battery and inverter functionality and interconnections, mitigating risks and enhancing efficiency pre-deployment. HIL modeling provides a safe platform for testing interoperability of power plant controls software, commissioning validation, and fault emulation, addressing safety, and checking limitations of equipment without damage to hardware.

IHI Terrasun’s adoption of Typhoon HIL’s platform exemplifies the effectiveness of Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) and real-time modeling for large-scale BESS projects, highlighting Typhoon HIL as the preferred choice for integrators. IHI Terrasunā€™s commitment to using OEMs with HIL Compatible products amplifies modeling and testing efficiency, providing a robust testbed to support the ESS lifecycle effectively. This strategic approach not only reduces commissioning and operation risks but also optimizes system performance, underscoring the value of HIL Compatible solutions in the integration process.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) principals and the options with HIL Compatible for OEMs.
  • Typhoon HIL application through each stage of a power plant software development lifecycle.
  • IEEE 2800 standard and why validation on HIL systems will be essential for meeting future requirements.
  • How efficient model productization created value stacking throughout the lifecycle.
  • The utility of HIL Compatible for an integrator.
  • HIL as a value proposition for energy storage system integrators.


Ray Saka
Vice President of Business Strategy and Services
IHI Terrasun
Jim Cleveland
Senior Manager of Controls Engineering and Quality Assurance
IHI Terrasun
Matt Baker
Vice President for Grid Modernization
Typhoon HIL
Matt O'Donnell
Director for Grid Modernization
Typhoon HIL