Smart inverter pre-certification for grid codes: Learn how controller hardware in the loop enables you to pre-certify your inverter’s compliance for various international standards.

In this webinar, we will discuss the capabilities of AIT Pre-Certification Toolbox, including a live demonstration of the pre-certification workflow. You will see how several pre-certification reports can be automatically generated and learn how C-HIL empowers engineers to move from the pre-compliance testing stage to the stage of formal certification without costly iterations.

The webinar and live demo were hosted and run by Georg F. Lauss from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, while Zoran Miletic and Fabian Leimgruber, also from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, participated in the preparation of the webinar.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Validation/certification requirements of a modern control platform for the Smart Grid (focus on BDEW)
    • examplified by AIT Control Platform (SGC – Smart Grid Converter)
  • How Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) enables validation for Smart Grid control platforms (focus on BDEW)
    • examplified by a 3PH PV inverter validation requirements (based on the AIT Control Platform (SGC – Smart Grid Converter))
  • How AIT Pre-Certification Toolbox allows you to pre-certify your Smart Grid converter according to the BDEW Guidelines
    • examplified by a grid-connected SGC Inverter pre-certification according to the BDEW Guideline
  • The live demo focuses on the following certification scenarios:
    • LVRT (FGW TR 3 Rev. 23 section 7)
    • Q-step Response (FGW TR 3 Rev. 23 section 4.3.3)
    • Active Power Gradient (FGW TR 3 Rev. 23 section 4.2.4)


Head shot of Georg F. Lauss.
Georg F. Lauss
SmartEST Laboratory, Energy Department
AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology