Supercharge your HIL infrastructure

with Virtual HIL technology

What is Virtual HIL?


Virtual HIL is not (yet another) offline simulator.

In computing, a virtual machine (VM) is an emulation of a computer system. Similarly, VIrtual HIL Device brings the functionality of a physical HIL Device with all “restrictions” of the real-time environment to your PC.

Enable Test-driven development


Virtual HIL is a true enabler of test-driven development processes where, by turning requirements into specific test cases, it becomes possible to start testing at very early stages of designs.

With Virtual HIL you can deploy and run all your real-time ready models without an actual HIL Device and validate your designs in very short development cycles, drastically shortening end-of-the-line validation and commissioning efforts and at the same time boosting your confidence in product performance.

Supercharge the return on your HIL investments


Virtual HIL can replace your HIL infrastructure during the development, testing and sanity-checking phases of the model and test-script development, thus effectively increase the number of HIL devices available in house.

Transfer all modeling and test development tasks that do not require a physical interface to the real world to Virtual HIL and dramatically boost the utilization of your HIL resources.

Try before decisions have been made


Virtual HIL Testbed is a perfect tool for hands-on assessing of the benefits of controller hardware in the loop tools and for making informed purchasing decisions.

To many engineers HIL technology sounds too good to be true. With Virtual HIL it is now easier than ever to simply try and see.

Virtual HIL runs the same code that runs on the proprietary HIL hardware. Its GUI is the same HIL toolchain with all its advanced features and specialist toolboxes and integration API. In other words, Virtual HIL brings the signature Typhoon HIL interactivity to your desktop.

Training and education


Speed up technology adoption without the overhead.

Transform your teaching


Virtual HIL transforms any computer lab into a modern electrical engineering skill factory.

It is a perfect tool to make the flipped classroom teaching methodology work. Using their own PCs, with Virtual HIL devices on them, students can develop their intuition, knowhow, and domain knowledge at their own pace and in the comfort of their dorm rooms, leaving contact hours for discussions and exchange of opinions on different solutions which is where fundamental learning happens.