Virtual HIL Request

With Virtual HIL you can deploy and run all your real-time ready models without an actual HIL Device. You are able to validate your designs in very short development cycles, drastically shortening end-of-the-line validation and commissioning efforts, and at the same time boost your confidence in product performance.

Virtual HIL allows you to:

  • Use the capabilities of the HIL software toolchain and its core features without a HIL real-time device.
  • Develop, simulate, and verify models that are only one click away from real-time execution.
  • Speed up the development of models and test scripts, regardless of how many HIL devices you have.
  • Run all your existing models, developed for your actual HIL device, in non-real-time without any modification.

The Virtual HIL license is free of charge. Once registered, you will receive an email with the license activation key and software download instructions.

Expand your knowledge, boost your skills, and test relentlessly! Get started today with your free Virtual HIL license!

An laptop with Typhoon HIL software opened and connected to line illustration of Virtual HIL.