Accelerate EV Motor Drive Webinar. Application demo: e-Mobility. Infinitum, Infineon and Typhoon HIL.

Accelerate xEV Motor Drive ECU Development and Testing with HIL

December 8, 2022
As the rising global demand and adoption for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to accelerate, companies are facing increased pressures to bring efficient, high performing, low-cost, easy to manufacture, and reliable powertrains to market. Join our panel of experts from Infineon Technologies, Infinitum, and Typhoon HIL for a discussion about streamlined solution-based approaches for designing, testing, verif…
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Validating EV Drivetrains Efficiently.

EV Powertrain Software Testing: Automate Motor Drive ECU Testing and Integration using HIL

December 9, 2021
Electric vehicles (EVs) are crucial for paving the road for a zero-emissions future in the transport sector. Inside EVs, the electric powertrain is a centerpiece comprising the electric motor, inverter, on-board charger, and battery pack. However, testing and integrating automotive electronic control units (ECU) in EV powertrains is a challenging, time-demanding, and costly process. The EV Powertrain Softwa…
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Print screens from Typhoon HIL Software, HIL device and red car.

High Fidelity EV Drive HIL Simulation: Built for HIL Testing of Electric Drivetrains and Power Electronics Control Software

February 25, 2021
The two most challenging Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing applications in the Electric Vehicle (EV) domain are motor drives and battery chargers. Developing and testing control software for these power converters are challenging due to: high switching frequency, new wide-bandgap semiconductors, highly nonlinear motors, new topologies, and their safety critical role. In this webinar, learn why it is necess…
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