Typhoon HIL - XYCE Integration

Design; Improve; Experiment;
Learn; Spice or Real-Time.


SPICE Simulation reinvented. Typhoon HIL + Xyce Integration.


  • The new way to start your power electronics design project with SPICE type simulator – Xyce from Sandia National Labs. Ideal for design engineers and universities.
  • Xyceas Spice type simulator, is perfect for device level and detailed power stage simulation, enabling modeling parasitics and high frequency effects. 
  • Extensive library of SPICE models for industrial devices, provides the ability to simulate a particular device and power stage with very high-fidelity.  Understand and quantify the impact of parasitics, device losses etc

Simulate your power electronics circuit with Xyce simulator.​


The fastest and most parallelizable Spice simulator from Sandia National Labs.


Use existing components from Xyce – SPICE-compatible, high-performance circuit simulator – through the xyce_lib library you can quickly build your circuit the way YOU are used to. Enter simulation parameters, and start the simulation. Rapidly obtained detailed simulation results.​

Build your own custom models and also import manufacturers libraries.

Use Case: University of Toronto.


Teaching with Typhoon HIL and Xyce.


Transforming the power electronics laboratory from prototypes to detailed simulation models. From simple design tasks to full blown labs and examples. ​

​Transform your teaching today using the Typhoon HIL Virtual HIL device with Xyce, contact us to learn more!

Typhoon HIL with the Xyce engine allows to fully prepare students for practical use through simulation. Starting from the Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor and ideal models and moving to non-ideal models using the Xyce engine in the same UI makes for a smooth transition.​

Easiest solution for remote learning and in-class teaching alike with an almost non-existent learning curve!

Samuel Da Silva Carvalho, PhD candidate and TA at University of Toronto

Fully Integrated XYCE Circuit Simulator.​


Deploy simulator in 4 Easy Steps.


Set up everything needed to build circuit schematics with Typhoon HIL software and simulate using the Xyce open-source engine. There are four main steps:

  1. Downloading and installing Typhoon HIL Control Center
  2. Downloading and installing Xyce
  3. Setting up the Typhoon HIL/Xyce interface
  4. Building a circuit model