Simulate your power electronics circuit

Ideal for development and design engineers the eXtensible Multi-Physics, Multi-Scale, Multi-Domain, Multi-Threaded Circuit Simulator (XYCE) is an open-source circuit simulation tool developed by Sandia National Laboratories. XYCE devices level and detailed power stage simulation enables parasitics and high frequency effects modeling for more accurate and comprehensive circuit simulations

The integration of XYCE and Typhoon’s Schematic Editor allows engineers to quickly create XYCE-compatible circuits, start the simulation and visualize results with a modern user interface. This benefits you with a new way to start your power electronics design project by:

  • Added integration and interoperability features
  • Building your own custom models and also import manufacturers libraries
  • Providing detailed performance analysis of the circuits to be HIL Tested
  • Offering a comprehensive multi-domain simulations, for a more holistic view of the system under test
  • Rapidly obtained detailed simulation results
  • Quantifying the impact of parasitics, device losses, etc.

Teaching with Typhoon HIL and Xyce.

Typhoon HIL with the Xyce engine allows to fully prepare students for practical use through simulation. Starting from the Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor and ideal models and moving to non-ideal models using the Xyce engine in the same UI makes for a smooth transition.​

Easiest solution for remote learning and in-class teaching alike with an almost non-existent learning curve!

Samuel Da Silva Carvalho

PhD Candidate and TA at University of Toronto